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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kelloigg's Cereal Box Dream #32 - Where Are All of These Clemente Cards?

The 1994 Roberto Clemente 3-card set was inserted into cereal boxes in Puerto Rico.  It seems as though none have made it to the USA in large quantities.  Why do I think that?  I just don't seem them available often or cheaply.

Does anyone see them around in bulk?  They are great looking cards.

1994 Kellogg's Roberto Clemente #01 

1994 Rating                    -- 9  comment -- Before the strike I'd have wanted current players.

2016 Rating                    -- 10 comment --  Quite a nice find today.  

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  1. I'm a Pirates collector and not only have I never seen this card, I've never seen that image of Clemente used before. Do you know who the other two players in the set are?

  2. The other two are also Clemente cards. I've found a few unopened and when I find them opened then tend to be in VG condition looking like they were in a toy box. I think I've only seen one of these cards at the National in the last five years.

    I've added links to a few other stories that I've written about these cards.