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Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #31 - 1978 Memories Are Better Than 1984 Memories

I've seen a lot of highlights of the "Sandberg Game" over the years including yesterday.  The game was played on this day in 1984.  I remember watching part of it at my parents' house.

Bruce Sutter gave up game-tying homers to Sandberg in both the ninth and tenth innings.  Sutter's reaction of frustration to the second homer was cool to see.  Sandberg was 5-for-6 with seven RBIs as the Cubs won 12-11.

Sutter was one of my favorite Cubs when they just weren't very good.  It wasn't a surprise to see him get traded since a closer isn't really important when the team isn't leading often enough.

1978 Kellogg's Bruce Sutter #48

1978 Rating                    -- 9  comment -- One of the games biggest stars.  And a Cub.

2016 Rating                    -- 9  comment --  Still a star in my eyes.  

Just because the card is still in the original package doesn't mean it will be in mint condition.  

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