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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, November 12, 2016

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #64 - #66

I really want to find a way to talk to someone who worked at Kellogg's on the production of these cards.  I'm guessing that will be difficult since the 1970 set is 46 years old.  I'd want to know who wrote the backs and how the styles were allowed to differ so much over the years.

Here are three more cards from 1970.  The text isn't as interesting as other years so I will try to add something to them.

#66 Jose Laboy - most of the cards that I am showing from 1970 come from an unfinished set that is intended to include only well-loved cards.  This card fits that quite well.

I don't remember him well since he only played until I was 10 years old.  He hit more than half of his career homers as a rookie in 1969 and he had exactly half of his career RBIs that year.

Not much to say about him, but there was the addition of It's A Fact about Dave Philley.  "Coco" was already 29 years old by the end of his rookie season.

Not mentioned on the back -  Jose shares a birthday with one of my sisters.

#65 Mickey Lolich - born the same year as Laboy, 1940.  Of course it mentions his World Series success.  It also mentions that his brother is in the White Sox system.

Not mentioned on the back - Mickey had 90 career hits to Ron's 48.  Ron wasn't a pitcher.

#64 Jim Perry - like Lolich, he had a brother, Gaylord, who played in the majors.  His 20-win season is mentioned.

Not on the card - Jim also had more career hits than Gaylord 177 - 144.  Gaylord managed 99 more wins (314-215) and a Hall of Fame induction.

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