Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, November 21, 2016

Someone Must Be Able to Trade Me These Three 1972 Kellogg's Cards

I'm really close to finishing the 1972 Kellogg's Baseball card set with variations.  If you've noticed on my site, I'm down to the following three variations -

  • 1. #33 McDowell "less than 200 innings"
  • 2. #34 Osteen 1971 ERA 3.25
  • 3. #40 Drago "Poyals"

Isn't there someone there who would want to trade any of these cards to me?  None are valuable so I should be able to send along something comparable.

When it comes to completing my 1972s in unopened packs I won't be worrying about variations.  For now.  I still don't know if some of the corrections were only in factory sets and therefore not available in one-card packs.  I will do that homework when I get a copy of each card.

I've got 42 of the 54 unopened packs which sounds great.  The problem - the 12 that I need include 11 Hall of Famers and Pete Rose.  Those will be a much bigger challenge with my budget and for trading.  I don't see these cards often.

Finding players like Willie Mays and Bob Gibson in their original packs has proven to be a problem.  That seems to be the case with most of the Hall of Famers in the 1972 set.

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