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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #52- #54

Here are the next three cards in the 1970 Kellogg's baseball card set.

#54 - Rico Petrocelli

His real name is Americo.  Other than that the text just mentions the basics - World Series, All-Star, etc.  He likes drag racing and playing the drums - great to tell the kids of America and their parents that.

Wait, Americo is his first name?  I've got to check this out on  A search on the name found three other matches.

David Ortiz has Americo as his middle name.  He was born in the Dominican Republic.

Buddy Biancalana also has a middle name of Americo.  He was born in California.

Rico was born in Brooklyn, NY.

The last player listed is Louis Americo Polli who played from 1932 - 1944.  He was born in Italy where maybe that name is more common.

It's a fact - Joe DiMaggio was the last AL player to surpass 400 total bases when he had 418 in 1937.

Not on the card - 29 times in MLB history has a player gotten at least 400 total bases.  It has only happened eight times since DiMaggio did it with only one being in the AL.  Can you name the AL player or the five NL players (two players did this twice) to do this?

Lou Gehrig accounted for five of these 29 occurrences.

#53 - Gary Nolan

Five years after Petrocelli got a $40K signing bonus, Nolan got $65K.  Nolan had a 1.82 ERA in one year of minor league ball.  From there he jumped right up to the Reds.

It's a Fact - Stan Musial played in 24 All-Star games.  

Not on the card - Willie Mays equalled that a few years later and Hank Aaron ended up being an all-star 25 times.  

I just noticed that the NL next to the team doesn't line up properly for 1969.  I will look into this.  It looks like the "L" is different from those in previous years.

#52 - Al Kaline

He was the youngest player in history to win a batting title.  That still holds true today, right?  He and Ty Cobb were both 20 when they won batting titles.

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