Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's Trading - Free Agency Season in Baseball

The Chicago news still leads with the Cubs each day.  I hope that ends soon.  It will probably keep going through the awards announcements.  Trades and free agency are soon to follow.  How about some Kellogg's card trading?

I certainly have lots to do to finalize my want lists.  I do know that I want to complete some duplicate sets.  Like most people, some of my duplicate sets are missing the big names - Rose, Ryan, Ruth, Gehrig, Clemente, Mays.  But I still need many others that aren't the stars.  Does anyone else have duplicates that they'd like to unload?

I'm mostly looking at 1970 - 1980 because I got some cheap factory sets from 1981 - 1983.  Because I purchased a few big lots of cards I also have doubles of some star players.  It is probably most cost effective to trade at least 10 cards at a time.

If you've noticed pictures on my blog, you'd see that I am lacking top-end condition cards from 1971 and 1975.  That is probably true for most everyone.   I also have less 1977s than other years.  That 1977 set seems less popular because of its color scheme and the checklist's lack of star players.


How about it, does anyone want to trade this off-season?  What do you have extras of?


  1. Not even one of my old 3-D cards made it to the 21st century. :(

  2. Do you have any good stories about what happened to them?