Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Whose 3-D Card Would You Like to Make?

I'm heading to Evansville again soon.  It turns out that there were at least 26 players born in Evansville to play in the majors.  An earlier post mentioned that only Paul Splittorff got a Kellogg's card from that group.

Not too many other familiar names are among those 26.  Alan and Andy Benes were fairly well known.  Last year my brother-in-law gave me two signed baseballs that he ended up getting randomly.  After lots of research I found out that they were signed by these two brothers.  

The most well known Evansville native to play in majors is Don Mattingly.  When I find time to make my own 3-D cards, his will definitely be one I make.  Unfortunately, that is probably at least five years away.  

Given a chance to make your own vintage or new 3-D card, who would you choose?  I'd start with all of my favorite Cubs and go from there.

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