Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Who Made the Cut in 1973 - Plus Kellogg's Cubs vs. Indians

Here are the players who were found in the 1970 - 1972 Kellogg's baseball card sets.  How did they fare in 1973 and why?

Billy Williams - appeared in 1973 also
Lou Brock - appeared in 1973 also
Bob Gibson - appeared in 1973 also
Tony Oliva - appeared in 1973 also
Pete Rose - appeared in 1973 also
Tom Seaver - appeared in 1973 also
Willie Stargell - appeared in 1973 also

Willie McCovey - didn't appear again until 1978
Reggie Smith - didn't appear again until 1975

Mel Stottlemyre - never appeared after 1972; led the league in losses in 1972 and played 1.5 more seasons
Sam McDowell - never appeared after 1972; didn't pitch full-time after 1973; retired in 1975
Glenn Beckert - never appeared after 1972; full-time player until 1973; retired in 1975
Willie Mays  - never appeared after 1972; retired after 1973 season
Dave McNally  - never appeared after 1972; a few more solid seasons; retired in 1975
Roberto Clemente - never appeared after 1972; died in a plane crash after the 1972 season.

Down to seven players appearing in the first four sets.

The Cubs have three Hall of Famers as seen above in the unopened packs.  The Indians have Gaylord Perry again and Ray Fosse.  Advantage Cubs.  

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