Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, December 12, 2016

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #31 - #33

Here are the next three cards.  Let's see if there are any more great hobbies listed.

#33 Dick Allen

Another trade mentioned on the back of the card.  Notice that on the front they still show him dressed in a Phillies uniform.  Topps would have airbrushed him into a Cardinals uniform.

The card mentions two brothers in professional baseball.

Not on the card - both of his brothers made it to the big leagues.  Ron played seven games in 1972.   Hank and Dick Allen were both on the 1972 White Sox while Ron played for the Cardinals.

#32 Reggie Jackson

Reggie's hobby was already cars after just two full seasons.  That's still a big thing for him today.

The text mentions his homers and strikeouts.  He tied the single-game record with five strikeouts and he set the record for most strikeouts in consecutive games with seven.

Not on the card - Reggie said "I was reminded that when we lose and I strike out, a billion people in China don't care.  He also said "fans don't boo nobodies".

#21 Randy Hundley

He set records for most games as a rookie catcher as well as the most games in a season for a catcher.

Not on the card - The 1960s Cubs were known for not resting their players.  From 1961 - 1971 Billie Williams and Ron Santo played more games than any MLB player.

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