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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, December 2, 2016

Here Are the Seven Youngest Kellogg's "Retirees"

Five of these players played until age 26.

Bill Parsons - he played in only four MLB seasons.  He is listed as having attended four different colleges.  How could that be?

Mark Fidrych - everyone knows his injury story and his quick rise to fame.

Britt Burns - even in Chicago I didn't realize how young he was when his career ended.  A chronic hip condition ended his playing career but five years after his last MLB game he pitched in the minors attempting a comeback.

Wally Bunker - arms troubles ended his career early.

Joe Charboneau - another guy with a great rise to fame and quick fall.

One player played until age 25.

Tony Horton - stress caused him to retire.  There are lots of stories to read online about his career.

One player played only until age 24.

Les Cain - another arm injury.  They didn't do Tommy John surgery yet.

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  1. And, according to his Topps card, Cleveland fans sang "Go, Joe Charboneau" during Joe's big season....I loved that cartoon.