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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, December 26, 2016

Who Kept Up With Hank Aaron on MVP Votes?

Stan Musial got MVP votes in 18 seasons.  He did that in 21 years.  In one year he was in military service and the other two he didn't get any votes.

Ted Williams also got MVP votes in 18 years.  It took him 22 years but he missed three of those years due to military service.  The only year in which he didn't get any MVP votes was 1952 when he played six games before reporting for military due.  So, ever year in his career he got MVP votes.  Somehow he got votes even when playing only 37 games in 1953.

Those two didn't get a regular Kellogg's baseball card.  The most years with MVP votes for players on a 1970 - 1983 Kellogg's card is 15.  That list includes Pete Rose, Frank Robinson and Willie Mays.

With Hall of Fame voting in the news I find it difficult to compare players based on statistics at different times and possibly in different leagues.  MVP and Cy Young voting gives some indication of how a player was valued at the time he played.  This doesn't work for players before 1931 since MVP voting rules were different back them.

I'm going to see which position players have the most Kellogg's cards and the least years with MVP votes.

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