Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, December 11, 2016

1970 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #34 - #36

Here are three more card backs.  As you can see I have no issue with cards that are "used".

#34 Jim Fregosi

Jim Fregosi is listed as having been on Los Angeles and California.  As a young kid I didn't realize that those were the same teams.  I knew him as a 1970s player.  I was surprised to see on that he had MVP votes every year from 1963 - 1970.  He had none from 1971 to 1978 and he never played more than 107 games in any of those seasons.

To the card back - nothing exciting on there.  He was a five-time all-star in the 1960s.  

Not on the card - he was also an all-star in 1970. 

#34 Ray Culp

I don't remember Ray Culp much as a player since he retired in 1973.  Forget about that.  I just found out that we might have a winner in the Hobby category.  He actually admitted to someone that his hobby is Racing Pigeons.  I will ignore his all-star appearances in both leagues and focus on that.

Not on the card - it looks like pigeon racing had a long history in the Culp family.  He might still be involved today but I didn't find anything.  I did find lots of details on the racing and selling of these birds.

#34 Tim McCarver

 Tim McCarver listed Bridge as a hobby.  I never learned to play that card game.  I like that is October, 1969 trade is listed on this 1970 card.

Not on the card - they usually like to mention all-star game appearances and McCarver played in two of those games.  His Cardinal teams won two of those three World Series titles.


  1. I thought it looked odd so I double checked. Mccarver played 8 games for the Cards in 59. I wonder why they didn't put those stats in .

  2. Nice catch. I also didn't notice that he was in the minors for all of 1962. I will need to see if they did that with other players who played before 1960. Maybe they only skipped partial seasons for these guys?