Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, December 5, 2016

Japanese Card Sets - Front and Back

I know that I sent a link that shows these cards, but here are pictures of the fronts and backs in case you see them available.  I have yet to get any of the Japanese Kellogg's baseball cards.  I will add those images when I can do so.

I've also added this so that I can better recognize these cards that I rarely see.  I've now got 17 different cards from these sets.

2007 Set

This set has a dark border on the front and the back.  They were made by Upper Deck and it looks like an Upper Deck card.

2008 Set

Topps produced these cards.  They look just like an insert I got a few years ago.

2010 Set

Back to Upper Deck in 2010.  The cards differ from 2007 since they have a light border.

If someone has the 2009 images please send something along so that I can add it to this page.

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