Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Here is a Non-Kellogg's 3-D Football Card That I Can't Find

I really like these Stop n' Go/Doty Enterprises cards from 1979 and 1980.  The sets are small and the cards are a bit thicker than Kellogg's cards.  They still are prone to curling but I don't have enough of these to know if they are also likely to crack.  Does anyone know more about this?

I heard that these were distributed in Texas and places around there.  The sets focused on players from the local teams and not just the stars of the league.  I don't see them in Illinois.  I certainly don't see the only Bear in the sets - Walter Payton.

They certainly spent lots of time on the card back.  Lots of text to read.  I like that.  That's probably why I like the Sportscaster cards so much.  

Payton is part of the 18-card 1979 set.

The 1980 set contained 48 different cards.  If they had followed Kellogg's formula of having lots of future Hall of Famers, maybe they'd have continued for 14 years like Kellogg's did.  Seven Cowboys and seven Houston Oilers are featured in the set.  Other teams featured frequently include San Diego (5), Atlanta (3), L.A. Rams (8), Pittsburgh (5) and San Francisco (4).

The 1979 set contained four Cowboys and six Oilers in the 18-card set.

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