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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Larry Hisle Post Already? Baseball History and Pinch Runners Today

Happy birthday to Larry Hisle who manages to get another post already.  Here is the earlier post.  His two posts equal his number of Kellogg's cards.  Since neither post is related to his cards, he will certainly appear at least two more times.  There will also be a post about his high school at some point.

Hisle stole 128 bases in 1,197 career games.

Charles Finley released Herb Washington on this day 40 years ago.  As a track fan, I loved the 1975 Topps card that listed his position as pinch runner.  He won an national championship in the 60-yard dash in 1974.

Washington stole 31 bases and scored 33 runs in his career.  He played in 105 games without ever batting, pitching or even playing the field.  If he even owned a glove that would be quite a unique collectible - and never certified as "game used".

My favorite pinch runner was Matt Alexander who began his career with the Cubs.  He was traded to Oakland a week before the A's decided to cut Herb Washington.  Alexander at least played in the field a bit, logging 420 innings during 374 career games.  He stole 103 bases and had only 168 at-bats in nine MLB seasons.

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