Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, May 14, 2015

These Players Didn't Get on Kellogg's Baseball Cards by Being Pitchers. Well Maybe One Player Did and the Lahman databases are fun to analyze.  I compared the list of Kellogg's cards to these databases to find position players with a Kellogg's card who also ended up pitching at some point.

Most of these were probably in lopsided games, but I was surprised how many players were on this list.  There are certainly many more players who have done this, I remember Larry Biittner doing this, but I'm specifically looking at those who appeared on a Kellogg's card.

For the old timers, Ty Cobb pitched 5 innings in his career and even earned a save.  Saves weren't a stat until 1969, but they have awarded them by looking back at box scores.

Everyone knows that Babe Ruth was a star pitcher winning 20+ games twice.  Honus Wagner pitched 8 innings, Tris Speaker pitched one inning and George Sisler pitched a lot (5-6 record with 3 saves; 24 starts and 9 complete games over 14 years).  That didn't surprise me since the game was different in those times.  

I wish one of the two Babe Ruth cards in the Kellogg's set showed him as a pitcher.

I remember Dave Kingman (4 Innings Pitched) and Bert Campaneris and Cesar Tovar  (1 IP when they played all nine positions in a game), but I can't remember these others.

Tovar was the second player to play all nine positions in a game, accomplishing this in 1968 near the end of the season.

Campaneris accomplished this feat in 1965, long before he was winning rings with the 1970s A's.  I like to provide useless information in this blog so I might as well continue.  Bert is the cousin of one of my favorite Cubs - Jose Cardenal.

Here are the others who found time to pitch - Sal Bando 3 IP, Matty Alou 2 IP, Jim Hickman 2 IP, Cookie Rojas 1 IP, Greg Gross 1.2 IP, Bob Bailor 2.1 IP, Craig Reynolds 2 IP, Wayne Nordhagen 2 IP, Jeff Newman 1 IP, Dave Concepcion 1.1 IP.

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