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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #2 - What Didn't Happen on this Day in 1939?

For the past few weeks you've been reading about my useless knowledge of Kellogg's baseball cards.  Doing this makes me feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

I've been in over 25 ballparks and I've felt nothing but kindness from fans from different teams.  It is the highlight of this hobby to be able to communicate with readers like you about cards.

Of course I'm lucky.  

So, I close by saying that I might be a poor writer, but I've got more room for improvement than most writers.  I should bench myself from writing this blog for the good of the readers, but I will try to learn how to write.

1972 All-Time Greats Lou Gehrig #14

1972 Cereal Box rating -- 8     comment -- great card; great player 
2015 Rating                    -- 10    comment -- now one of my favorite cards and players

Okay, the speech above is poorly done, but on this day in 1939 the big news of the day was what didn't happen.  Lou Gehrig didn't play on that day, ending a streak where he played in 2,130 straight games.

I love old baseball tickets.  It would be great to see a ticket from this game or the game a few months later when Gehrig delivered his famous speech.

I just saw "The Pride of the Yankees" again last week.  I find it difficult to stop watching this movie so I ended up staying up way too late.  If you haven't seen it find the time to do so.

The cards on the left are from the 1970 Rold Gold Pretzels set and the cards on the right are from the 1972 Kellogg's All-Time Greats set.  The difference can be seen on the last line on the back.  The year is shown on this line.  

These cards seemed to only be found in Kellogg's Pop Tarts.  Mom never bought Pop Tarts for us.  I am trying to get these cards in their original packaging.  It will be a challenge to get both sets.

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