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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Remembering a Birthday and Celebrating a Number with Kellogg's Baseball Cards

I love baseball and its cards because of my older brother.  He did lots of things that shaped the way I am today.    Our trips to Wrigley Field are among the many reasons I became a Cub fan in a family and neighborhood of White Sox fans.  Hey, I never said my brother was perfect.

He was lucky to have a birthday during the baseball season.  I haven't watched the Cubs on TV in years, but I may do that today in honor of him.

Only one Hall-of-Famer was born on May 27th.  White Sox slugger Frank Thomas was born on this day in 1968.  Sixty years ago (1955) today former White Sox pitcher Ross Baumgarten was born in Illinois on this day - the same day as my brother.

So I will celebrate the name Dave and the number 60, the age he would have been today.

Not every Kellogg's set has 60 or more cards.  Of the 13 sets, seven have 60 or more cards.
From 1972 through 1974 there were only 54 cards.  Then from 1975 through 1978 there were 57 cards.

1970 - Bobby Murcer
1971 - Jim Palmer
1979 - Jim Sundberg

He was a Cub as well.  I mentioned in an earlier post how Harry Caray had trouble with the similarly-named Cubs.

1980 - Rod Carew
1981 - Mike Flanagan
1982 - Cecil Cooper
1983 - Bobby Grich

Here is how I would divide the players who appeared as #60 in a Kellogg's set.  You can probably easily figure out how I divided them.

HOF - 2
Deserving Star - 4
Lucky to get a card - 1

I didn't realize how common of a first name that Dave is on Kellogg's cards.  Only one first name has appeared on a Kellogg's card more frequently than the 36 times that Dave has shown up.  Can you guess which edged out Dave by having 37 cards?  The top names will be listed sometime soon.

Here are the players named Dave.


A fun player to watch at Wrigley Field.  Like today's home run hitters, he took a big swing at everything.  Once he homered to center field with one hand on the bat.


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