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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #6 - Players Don't Have Off-Season Jobs at All Now and None Would Take This Job

Richie Hebner played 19 MLB seasons, 10 of them with Pittsburgh.  He managed to get a Kellogg's card without ever being an All-Star.  I will need to add another post where I find out who else did that.

Hebner worked in the family business in the off season since most of these guys didn't earn the truckloads of money that today's players make.  His longevity as a player is probably related to how his job kept him fit in the off season.  His family owned a cemetery in Massachusetts and he was a grave digger in the days before it was all done with the aid of machines.

It is no surprise that his nickname was "The Gravedigger".

1975 Kellogg's Richie Hebner #57

1972 Cereal Box rating -- 3     comment --   A good player on a good team.
2015 Rating                    -- 4    comment --    It helps that he played for the Cubs in his career.

**** note the rating is for a nice card out of the box.  The card pictured below must have had an interesting history to get that well-used look.

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