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Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why is a Cub Fan Fighting Over an Early 1970's White Sox Souvenir Coffee Mug? Is It's Someone's Birthday?

We picked up a few 1970's White Sox coffee mugs at a game one year.  Maybe they were given away two years in a row?  It turns out that the mug was made like a thermos so we found a great use for it --------------- homemade milk shakes!

The thermal component just worked great with ice cream being mashed into a shake with a bit of milk and sometimes some chocolate sauce.  

The mug was popular at the house for this reason.  It also helped that the mug featured White Sox players Wilber Wood, Carlos May, Bill Melton, Jorge Orta and Terry Forster along with manager Chuck Tanner.  

I bought a new one a few years ago and it sits proudly in our china cabinet.  Maybe my family will notice it next time they are at my house.  I hope I've got ice cream on hand.  

The player selection wasn't bad.  Forster was the only one of the five players that didn't earn Kellogg's card status.  He pitched in over 600 games in 16 seasons.  Tanner moved on to eventually coach a major league team.  

Today give a cup of ice cream to Carlos May who is celebrating his birthday.  Did you know that May wore his birthday on his jersey for the White Sox?  Yes, May was #17.  Expect to see more posts about Carlos.

It turns out that Carlos' older brother Lee, also a long-time big leaguer, wore May 23 for a long time.  Sorry Lee, that doesn't work as well when you were born on March 23rd.  More about Lee May and Lee Maye in a future post.

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