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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #9 - 16 Gold Gloves Doesn't Buy Enough HOF Votes Yet

Jim Kaat was a popular player for the White Sox in the 1970s even though he was better known as a Twin/Senator for 15 years.  He played less than three years in Chicago but managed two 20-win seasons there.  He played in parts of 25 MLB seasons from 1959 - 1983.   The only pitchers to play more seasons were Nolan Ryan and Tommy John.

1976 Kellogg's Jim Kaat #25

1976 Cereal Box rating -- 6    comment --   won 20 games in 1974 and 1975 for the White Sox,                                                                              but he was an older pitcher.  He'd already been                                                                                  traded from the White Sox by the time that this card                                                                         was issued.

2015 Rating                    -- 5    comment --    HOF votes don't come for guys with 283 wins and                                                                              16 Gold Gloves unless it's done in 16 years.   

Kaat's 16 Gold Gloves is the second most in baseball history for any position, trailing on Greg Maddux who earned 18 in his career.  His best season was 1966, the last year that the Cy Young award was only given to one pitcher in all of MLB.  Sandy Koufax took home that award in a year where Kaat would have easily been honored with the AL award if it existed.

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  1. Despite being ninth in MLB history for wins by a left-hander and 31st overall, the highest percentage of votes he got for the Hall of Fame was 29.6%. If I am not mistaken, he missed getting in last year by a single vote. I realize that his Twins teams were pretty good, but anyone who wins 20 (and doesn't also lose 20) for the mid-seventies White Sox ought to get in for karma alone. Wins 20 twice and the Sox trade him . . . at least they later got (via another trade) Ralph Garr. I remember that card!