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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, May 8, 2015

On This day in 1973 -- The First Black Manager in Baseball -- Sorry Frank Robinson

I remember watching when Frank Robinson became the first black manager in Major League history. I loved was the idea that he was a player-manager.  I've never liked seeing the grandfatherly manager wearing a uniform in the dugout.

It was great to see Robinson play and manage for two years.  He didn't put his name in the lineup much, playing only 85 games in two seasons.

While Robinson was the first black hired to be manager, Ernie Banks served as manager of the Cubs on this day in 1973 when Whitey Lockman was ejected in the 11th inning on a called third strike.  Banks, who retired as a player in 1971, was the Cub coach given the job of managing the team after the ejection.

The Cubs won that game in 12 innings, so I guess Banks gets the win as manager?

Amazingly, 10 players for the Cubs that day appeared on a Kellogg's card at some point.  The Padres only had two Kellogg's stars in the game.  Four other 1973 Cubs appeared on Kellogg's cards at some point for some team.  I guess a future post will determine if any team had more players than the 14 Cubs, a team that didn't win anything.    

I wonder if any lineups during this time had no players who appeared in a Kellogg's set?  I doubt I'll be able to analyze that but I might as well put it on the list for a future post.

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