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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #4 - Is It Nice to Have the Rings at Least?

I was surprised to find out that Ellie Rodriguez was a two-time all-star.  Of course one of those years was 1972 which got him into this set.

1973 Ellie Rodriguez #2

1973 Cereal Box rating -- 1    comment -- an A.L. catcher that is certainly not a star. 
2015 Rating                    -- 1    comment -- a two-time All-Star, but a common.  

I'm sure it was disappointing to Rodriguez, his family and his friends that in both All-Star games he didn't get into the game.  Being a catcher didn't help his cause since there wouldn't be others who could easily fill in as catcher if all catchers had already played.  A new rule allows a team to re-insert a player if a position player is injured.  This would have allowed teams to play all catchers during the game.

Looking at players who were stuck on the bench at an All Star Game is another idea for a future post.

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