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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, May 18, 2015

What's Up with Right Field Peter, Paul and Mary? It's Good Enough for Al and Me

When I was playing pee-wee baseball my first team was the Tigers.  Those were the good old days when six-year-old kids could play for the Tigers without fear of being sued by Major League Baseball for using the name Tigers.

We wore a plain t-shirt with the team name in the front in the appropriate color.  On the back was our sponsor - thanks Imperial Gardens.   Since we couldn't afford a garden, or pool for that matter, we didn't shop there at all.

The hat was not even a real Tigers hat.  I think it was just Tigers color.  I don't think team-licensed hats were even available at that time.  If they were, no one in our neighborhood could afford them.

My older brothers told me about Al Kaline the best player on the Tigers.  He played right field, just like me!  I was easily convinced that this must be a key position on the team.  Peter, Paul and Mary certainly agreed with me.

I became an Al Kaline fan, but he was at the end of his career.  By the time I moved up to an older league I didn't align myself with the team I played on.

My brothers also offered an incentive.  If I hit a home run they'd take me to a Cubs game.  It took a few years to collect on that one.  My vague memories of that game will be the story for tomorrow.

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