Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another Star Player Whose Kellogg's Cards Can Now Be Found in Commons Boxes

For an 11-year period Dick Allen was one of the best players in baseball.  From 1964-1974 he made seven All-Star teams, he received MVP votes in seven seasons, he won an MVP Award and a Rookie of the Year Award.

Allen hit 319 of his 351 homers in that 11-year period, much of which was pitching dominated.  He added 975 RBIs and a .299 batting average.  Those are some big numbers for a guy who only averaged 135 games per season.

Allen was traded twice in deals that involved Jim Essian who was never a star player.  He was known for hitting long homers and for wearing his batting helmet while playing the field.  The latter can be attributed to Philadelphia fans and how they treated players.

In today's 24-hour sports world Allen's colorful personality would have made him a huge star.  What would he have been doing with Twitter and Instagram?  He would probably have been remembered differently if he played in today's world.

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