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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Guess Kellogg's Didn't Make Canadian Versions of Its Cards Until the 1990s

There have been 56 players who spent time with both the Expos and the Blue Jays.  Four of them actually were born in Canada.  All four made their debut after 1982 so none of them got into a Kellogg's card set.

Three players who did get Kellogg's cards played for both teams.  On this day in 1977 Ron Fairly was traded to the Blue Jays.  He was the first player to play for both Canadian teams.  He was an all-star twice in his 21 years, once with each Canadian team.  His 12 years in Los Angeles didn't get him any all-star appearances.

Fairly wasn't an original Expo but he did play for them in their inaugural season.  He was an original Blue Jay but he didn't play in their first game.

Al Oliver played two years with Montreal.  He led the league in RBIs one of those years.  He finished his career by playing 61 games for Toronto.

John Candelaria had a short career with each team.  He ended up 0-5 combined with the Expos and Blue Jays.

Fairly hit 215 homers and Oliver had 219.  Candelaria surrended 245 homers but none to Fairly or Oliver.

I went to Olympic Stadium in Montreal because I'm a baseball fan and a track fan.  The day I went there was also a Candiens-Bruins playoff game in town.  There were three people in all of the left and left-centerfield seats.  I managed to get a ball during batting practice but during the game no one managed to homer.  That was quite disappointing since I was the only one of the three who probably would have chased any homer.

In Exhibition Stadium I sat in the first row of the lowest deck for a Blue Jays game.  Roberto Alomar hit one that I thought I was going to catch the entire time until it barely fell into the deck above.  I know that was common in Tiger Stadium and Comiskey Park.  Ugh!

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