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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, February 19, 2016

What Do These Kellogg's Baseball Card Stars Have in Common?

Denny McLain, Willie Mays, Pete Rose

Only one of the three went to the same high school as me.  

Only one of the three hit a homer in his major league debut.  

Only two of these three made their debut in 1963.  

McLain only pitched in the NL in 1972.  Rose was 2-for-5 against him and Mays didn't face McLain.

What they all have in common started on this day in 1970.  That was the day that McLain was suspended from baseball for associating with gamblers.  Mays had an issue was well when he signed on to work for a casino and everyone know's about Rose and his issues with gambling.  

Mays hit 660 homers, Rose had 160 and McLain ended up with 1.  Of course McLain hit his in his MLB debut against his hometown White Sox.  The other two couldn't match that feat.  They also didn't win two Cy Young Awards like McLain did.  

McLain added an MVP and he was the last 30-game winner in MLB.  Rose matched that with one MVP Award and Mays won two MVPs.

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