Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are There Any Kellogg's Cards at the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame?

Today on my way to and from work I will drive past the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame.  Across the street is a statue of Joe DiMaggio in his classic follow-through pose.  I took a group of kids there many years ago and the documentary they showed us was about Loius Zaperini the subject of the movie Unbroken in recent years.  The worker also gave me a copy of the documentary which I've watched a few times.

Sal Bando is a member of this Hall of Fame.  Today Sal is celebrating his 72nd birthday.   In the days before national television for all sporting events we learned a lot about Bando because his A's teams made the post-season frequently.  He played in the playoffs from 1971-75 and then in 1981 with the Brewers.

The sixth-round pick wore number 6 for his entire career.  He played longer than I thought - 11 years with the A's and five years with the Brewers.  In seven years he earned MVP votes.  He finished as high as 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The NL fan in me certainly didn't realize that.

Bando was inducted into the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame.

How many 1970 Kellogg's cards have facts on the back?  Another thing to check.

On Bando's card it lets us know that Stan Musial is the last player in the NL to win three consecutive batting titles - 1950 - 1952.  Honus Wagner won four in a row from 1906 to 1909 and Rogers Hornsby later added three in a row.

Since 1969 only Tony Gwynn managed to do this - twice.  Gwynn won titles in 1987-89, 1994 -1997 to go with his 1984 title.

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  1. Sal could hit the long of those guys whom I never saw play, but whose statistics I knew so well from baseball cards....and because was a member of the swingingest team in history....