Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kellogg's Pitchers and Fielding

During the 14-years that Kellogg's was deciding on who to put on their cards (1969 - 1982), which pitchers committed the most/least errors?

Nolan Ryan led the way with 64 errors in 14 years.  He pitched in 464 games during that time which means he committed an error every 7.25 games.

Fergie Jenkins was next with 44 followed by Andy Messersmith with 40.

Of players on Kellogg's card with the least errors, Paul Lindblad committed only four errors in 520 games.  This makes some sense since he was only a starting pitcher in seven games during that time.

Who won the Gold Gloves during this time?

Jim Kaat (9)
Bob Gibson(5)
Jim Palmer(4)
Phil Niekro (4)
Mike Norris(2)
Andy Messersmith (2)
Steve Carlton (1)
Ron Guidry (1)

Everyone who won a Gold Glove Award as a pitcher managed to get into at least one Kellogg's set.  I'll need to check to see if this is true for any other positions.


  1. Mike Norris won two Gold Gloves? I had no idea. All I knew about his glove was that it was lime green....