Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, February 15, 2016

I Guess I Needed a Reminder to Take Care of My Kellogg's Cards

Recently I attended a card show and I purchased two nice Kellogg's sets that were in nine-pocket pages.  I also bought about 10 loose Kellogg's cards including the Tommie Agee card shown below.

The loose cards weren't in sleeves or any type of holder.  All were in nice shape and the Agee card was the only one that cost more than a quarter.  The Agee has nice colors and nice corners.  It's not a card that someone might get graded, but it was much nicer than most of my 1971s.

It might not be obvious from this picture, but since I carried the cards in my pocket until I got home the Agee card ended up getting damaged on the left side about halfway up.  Why?  I was too focused on the two old sets to think about this card.

The bad part of this is that I didn't even need to purchase any holder for this card to take it home.  I could have just put the card in the pages that were included in the purchase of the sets that I made.  That will be a good reminder for future transactions.  I thought I had a nice upgrade for my 1971 master set, but now it's about the same as the one I had.  

In a few weeks I will finally get to another show.  I certainly won't make that mistake again for a while.  Yeah, but I probably will again someday since I'm always in a hurry.

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