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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, February 27, 2016

From Kellogg's Card to the Cosmos - Bruce Bochte Could Do it All

According the the player listed below has a name that is pronounced BOCK-tee.  I've heard it a few different ways but now I will go with that.

He isn't Bruce Bochy the manager.

Bochte was mentioned in an earlier post for having exactly 100 career homers.  His stats weren't very exciting.  He had 662 strikeouts and 653 walks.  He had 43 steals and he was caught 41 times.

My favorite stat was that he signed a free agent deal with the A's after the 1983 season.  He then did the same thing after the 1984 season and after the 1985 season.  Has anyone else done that with the same team?

You need to read the story about Bochte in Seattle-pi, the country's first online only newspaper.  He took a path quite different from other MLB retirees.  (Bochte's Amazing Career After Baseball)

Bochte didn't play at all in 1983.  From what I've seen online some or all of the following things caused him to sit out - (a) he was frustrated dealing with the Mariners owner, (b) he was boycotting the rise in salaries that might be ruining the game and (c) his role as player representative didn't sit well with him.

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