Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Basball Card Backs #07 - 09

Getting close to finishing my look at the backs of these cards.

09 - Wilbur Wood

He became a starting pitcher and 1971 and has had two 20-win seasons.  From 1961 to 1971 he never started more than eight games in any season.  

His knuckleball has allowed him to be a workhorse for the White Sox.  He's the last pitcher to start both games of a doubleheader - he lost both.  He did win two games on the same day pitching the final five innings of a suspended game and then throwing a shutout.

Not on the card - he was a 20-game-winner for two more years before losing 20 games in 1975.  He played in parts of three more seasons, winning 21 more games in those three years.  Too bad he didn't become a starting pitcher until age 29.   

08 - Bobby Bonds

Barry's dad was quite the all-around player.  He's consistently among the league leaders in steals.  He already has 179 of them in five seasons to go with 126 homers.

His sister is a former Olympic sprinter.  His older brother, Robert, was a pro football player.

On the card - Bobby Lee Bonds is his given name.  Good thing it isn't Robert since he has a brother by that name.

My interest in track caused me to look up his sister.  She indeed as in the 1964 Olympics as a hurdler.  She advanced to the finals but finished 8th.

07 - Steve Carlton

Carlton had his best season in 1972.  It's the one everyone talks about since his team was so bad.  The paragraph below is worth reading to describe his first season in Philly.

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