Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, June 18, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #13 - 15

Another group of 1973 Kellogg's baseball cards.

#15 - Sparky Lyle

Lyle set the AL record for saves with 35.  That doesn't rate high now since the record is 62.  

The 6-1, 190 pound Lyle is mentioned as a "chunky southpaw".

His high school didn't even have a baseball team.

He has yet to start an MLB game in six seasons.

Not on the card - he pitched 899 career games, none of which he started.  Only three players have pitched in more games without getting any career starts.  None have Kellogg's cards, but can you name them?

#14 - Bob Gibson

Unlike Lyle, Gibson, a 6-1, 193 pounder, is not listed as "chunky".  Gibson always seemed taller probably since the old highlights show him on the higher mound that MLB used in the 1960s.  

He needed only 70 strikeouts to move into second place on the all-time list.  

Not on the card - he got those strikeouts and ended up with 3,117.  That puts him currently in 14th place on the all-time list.  

#13 - Cesar Cedeno

The card says Cedeno is "deemed the best young player in baseball".   He became Houston's starting centerfielder at the age of 19.  

He overcame "parental objections to his ballplaying" in the Dominican Republic because his dad thought he should work more in the family business.  His mom encouraged him to play and got him equipment.  

Not on the card - he played 17 years in the majors.  Most wouldn't put him on the list of top base stealers but he amassed 550 in his career which puts him 27th on the all-time list.  

He averaged less than 120 games per season, so his career stats are less than I'd expect.  Injuries seemed to be an issue for him.