Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Why I Continue This Blog

I decided to write this blog so that I could easily find information on Kellogg's cards.  This made it easier for me than searching online for related topics.  It also saves me time in the long run.

I thought about my collecting today while cutting the grass.  When I started collecting in the 1970s my circle of collectors/traders started at three of us.  The group expanded to 5-6 and then up to about a dozen with some classmates.

The circle of traders grew with a few older kids.  Then one of the older kids found out about Sports Collectors Digest.  One of them ordered from an ad and it worked out, so about 10 of us started ordering.  Next up was flea markets, then card shows and eventually the internet.

Now I don't really interact with anyone about cards in person other than a rare trip to a card show.  Even those trips tend not to lead to lots of discussions about cards.

This blog has been fun since it shows me that there are others out there who might discuss Kellogg's cards on occasion.  Thanks for that.  This is what keeps me going on the blog.  

There is much more to add about Kellogg's cards.  I'm taking my time so that I don't run out of things to say.

Tomorrow - how to spot me at the National in Chicago.

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  1. I love the interaction among bloggers. It's one of the main reasons I blog. Have fun at The National. One of these days, I hope to make it to the big show.