Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why No Kellogg's Cards Today?

The NBA Finals game is on and the Stanley Cup Finals are competitive.  Why can't we get some cards in our cereal boxes in 2017?

Is it more complicated now?  Does the company have to deal with exclusive contracts for each sport?  Can players make their own deals on this?

If there are individual deals who could be recommended for them?

Frosted Flakes -
Fruit Loops -
Raisin Bran -
Rice Krispies -
Corn Flakes -
Corn Pops -
Special K -


  1. Here are three nominees:

    1. Frosted Flakes - Jim Palmer (anyone remember his dandruff shampoo commercial?)

    2. Fruit Loops - Bill Lee (That guy's crazy antics were awesome!)

    3. Special K - Nolan Ryan (Isn't it obvious?)