Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #04 - 06

Almost done with this set.  I've really enjoyed the write-ups and I learned a few things about some players.

 #06 - Pete Rose

Rose batted .300 for the eighth straight season.  He led the league in hits for the fourth time.  Rose admitted that "he'd like to reach 3000 hits someday".  He expects to hit the 2,000 mark in 1973.

Not on the card - he did surpass 2,000 in 1973.  He passed 3,000 on his way to 4,256 hits.  I like the commas.

Not on the card - his son had two career hits - one off of Kevin Appier and one off of Jason Schmidt.   Neither of these two pitched while Pete Sr. was still playing.

#05 - Don Sutton

Sutton had what Kellogg's called "a habit of throwing home run balls".  The card did go on to say that he's lowered that number greatly in the last two years.

Not on the card - he gave up 472 homers so I guess that trend didn't continue.  That puts him fifth on the all-time list behind Jamie Moyer (522), Robin Roberts (505), Fergie Jenkins (484) and Phil Niekro (482).  

To be fair to Sutton, he never led the league in homers allowed.  Moyer (1 time), Roberts (5), Jenkins (7) and Niekro (4) all led the league at least once in that category.

#04 - Tony Oliva

Did anyone play less games in the previous season that Oliva and still get a card?  He played in 10 games due to a knee problem.   He currently has the highest lifetime average of any AL player - .313.  
Not on the card - Carew was only at .309 at this point in his career.  Oliva finished at .304 and Carew ended up at .328.

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