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Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why Am I Thinking About the First Record I Ever Owned?

I was never one to buy records as a kid or teen.  That continued into adulthood, a good thing for my card collection.  Last night I thought about the first record that I pestered my mom to buy me as a kid.

I think that the song had only one word - Batman!  My older siblings had a record player, something I never owned, so I played that record enough to drive everyone crazy.  I don't think that I played it at the same bat-time, but I'm sure that my Beatle-loving older siblings were quick to stop my from repeating it too many times.  Sorry to hear about Adam West's passing away.  I have great memories from the television show and my first record.

Now for something about Kellogg's cards.

With the National coming up in about six weeks here is my idea for their promo cards.  They've done quite a variety of cards.  How about a small subset of players in the Kellogg's or 1968 Topps 3-D format?

They'd probably go with the usual suspects - Trout, Harper, etc. and a few new guys like Judge of course.  Then at least one old Yankee (Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle).  Which Kellogg's design would be best for this?

I've got the Cubs-Rockies game on now.  I just heard that Russell threw out Walters.  I think I've mentioned him before, but does anyone have information on Russell D. Walters, the first person we ordered from via the mail in the 1970s?  We got his name from SCD.  I should probably post this on a forum with a bigger following than my blog - maybe someday.


  1. I'd have no issues with seeing a some current players on a 1968 Topps 3-D design. I know Archives did that a few years ago, but I love the design so much.