Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, June 22, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #01 - 03

I'm finally finishing my look at the back of the 1973 Kellogg's baseball card sets.  Here are the last three cards.

#03 - Mickey Lolich

Lolich was a rare switch-hitting pitcher.  With 217 career wins I figured he'd be near the top of the all-time wins list for switch-hitting pitchers.  He's 10th.   Only two of those ahead of him were born after 1900 - Robin Roberts and Early Wynn.

After leading the league in losses in 1970 with 19, Lolich won over 20 games during the next two seasons.

Not on the card - nothing is mentioned about his hitting.  He batted .110 for his career (.114 versus righties and .100 versus lefties).  He walked almost 10% of the time so his OBP was .215.

#02 - Ellie Rodriguez

So being 5-11 and 185 allows Kellogg's to call him "chunky".  He was taken by the Royals from the Yankees in the Expansion Draft.  

He was a Golden Glove boxer before entering baseball.  Did anyone dare mess with him around home plate?

#01 - Amos Otis

Amos likes dancing.  So do I but I have no skills.  Amos probably had dance moves.

The Mets tried to make him into a third basemen.  It didn't work out.  

Both Otis and the Royals struggled in 1971.  He was a star kicker in high school, averaging almost 50 yards per boot. 

Not on the card - I think that this is an error.  They meant 1972 in the comment about Otis and the Royals.  Otis was much better in 1971 than he was in 1972 but the Royals had a better record in 1972 than in 1971.  

Update - I read the back of the card again.  I guess it can be read two different ways.

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