Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Problem With the Unopened All-Time Greats

Here are the remaining cards that I have from the 1970 Rold Gold set.

The unopened packs differ from the regular Kellogg's cards in one particular way.  Why are the All-Time Greats in clear wrappers when all of the other ones are not?  Does anyone know about this?

I've got lots of unopened packs where I can see who the player is, but I can't determine whether the card is cracked.  Unfortunately, with the All-Time Greats it is easy to see the cracks in the wrapper.

I've decided that I'm okay with the cracks in the wrapper.  Maybe after I complete these sets I will change my mind and look for ones that are not cracked and also are flat.


  1. I just went out and grabbed this set... after discovering it doing research on my 1972 set. Having a complete unopened pack set would be cool too... but I've got to save my money for a few other set needs. Best of luck on your set.

    1. My son collected with me for a while when he was younger. Since he's stopped I no longer purchase new cards. That makes is easy to just focus on Kellogg's cards, Hostess boxes, Sportscaster cards and other miscellaneous stuff.

      I collected as a kid so I completed all of the sets from my childhood at that point. I'm eventually going to complete the 1961 and 1968 Topps sets but I doubt I will chase down other sets unless I already have most of the cards.