Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, June 12, 2017

I Won't Make This Mistake? Again

Yesterday I was contemplating whether to bid on something that was a lot more expensive than my normal ebay purchases.  I had decided on a bid amount and I was going to enter it and if it was enough to win so be it.  I decided to not get into a bidding war.

Just before the end of the auction I ended up needing to give one of my kids a ride.  I asked her to wait a few minutes until the auction ended.  She looked at the auction and saw the price that was out of my range.  I couldn't get myself to bid since she kept watching until the auction ended.

Why did I care?  That certainly wouldn't have gone over well at home.  Do I wish I actually put in my bid?  Mostly yes, sometimes no.  I don't like to resort to selling duplicates and a large purchase would have forced me to do so in order to pay the bill.

Live and learn.

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  1. I always have a price that I'm willing to enter and I always place my bids with 3 to 5 seconds left. After that, it's up to the other bidders as to whether or not I win. As for having doubts... I have them all the time and that's without anyone waiting for a ride :)