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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, June 30, 2017

Who is Next?

Yesterday I was golfing and it started raining.  I kept golfing.  That was fun.  As kids we often golfed in the rain.  Good memories.

Today I was running at a track meet and it started raining.  I kept running.  That was fun.  I've always liked running in the rain.  Good memories.

With Tim Raines in the Hall of Fame, who else should be in?  Let me know who you think should also be there.  I will start with Dale Murphy whose career certainly was similar to that of Raines.

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  1. For years my friends and I played football at our old elementary school on Thanksgiving morning. I can still remember the one time it was pouring rain. It was so much fun. My mom was so mad when I came home. She refused to let me in the house before hosing me down. Such a great childhood memory.

    I might receive some "hate" with my pick... but I think Bonds, Clemens, and Rose should get in.