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Monday, April 25, 2022

Dime Boxes and True Value Cards

 I only found one Kellogg's card, the Eddie Murray card mentioned yesterday, in a search of dime boxes at a local show.  I am usually too impatient to go through a box for 10 minutes at a show.  The last time I did this a lot was when I bought a VIP pass at the National.  Since I was at that event all day, I eventually found time to look at these bargain bins.

I picked up a bunch of oddball cards from the 70s and 80s including a few Hostess cards and some True Value cards. 

I've gotten these cards before, but it was either just one card or an unopened pack.  The Reggie Jackson card above was part of any entire pack.  I hadn't even opened one of these so I didn't even know how many cards were in this pack.  The photo below shows the three cards that were included in the pack.  

There are 30 cards in the set, so I probably have a good number of them now.  No complaints about opening this pack and getting a Cub and one of my favorite former Cubs.  

I told my wife that I don't ever remember these cards being issued or how they were issued.  She wasn't surprised and she responded by quickly showed me a honey-do list that has gotten longer all of the time.  You can bet that if Home Depot, Ace Hardware or Lowe's ever produces a card set that I will never mention it at home.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

One of These Is Not Like The Others - 54, 57, 60, 64, 66, 75

One of these things just doesn't belong.  I couldn't remember if this song came from Sesame Street (it did), The Electric Company, Zoom, Ray Raynor & Friends or some other show from my childhood.  The question for today is which of these doesn't belong?

If you are a serious Kellogg's card collector, you probably know that these are the number of cards in the different Kellogg's card sets from 1970 to 1983.  

Which one doesn't belong?  That would be the 1982 set with 64 cards.  All of the other numbers are divisible by three, which means nothing here, but it also means a lot.

I picked up a Kellogg's card today from a ten-cent box.  I do know lots of the card numbers by heart because the sets are small, but that's usually for the older sets.  When I picked up the card below I automatically knew the card number because this is the one Kellogg's card that is not like the other.  It's not that it doesn't belong, but it is definitely a card on its own.

As I work on damaged Kellogg's sets and newer (1979 - 1983) sets, I place them in nine-pocket pages.  How does the Murray card differ from every other Kellogg's card?  

Kellogg's did us a favor with the 54-card sets (1972, 1973, 1974) since that is exactly 6 sheets (or three if double-siding the cards).  None of the other sets were perfectly built along those multiples. 

The 75-card sets (1970, 1971), the 57-card sets (1975, 1976, 1977, 1978) and the 66-card set (1981) all have three cards in the last nine-pocket pages.  The 60-card sets (1979, 1980, 1983) have six cards on the last sheet.

Not 1982.  Eddie Murray is stuck on his own sheet, which I can't justify, so he ends up on the back of the last sheet (cards 55 -63).  That makes it easy to remember him as card #64.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Do You Have Any Good Starting Lineup Stories? 

Wow!  Starting Lineup figures are coming back after 21 years.  I collected them from 1988 to 1994.  The baseball strike slowed my collecting a bit in 1995, but then I kept going until about 1998.

I like them opened or unopened but they take up too much space.  For many of the ones that became the equivalent of junk wax, I opened them to save space.

My favorite story involves my brother.  He found two basketball figures that he wanted but he only had enough money to buy one.  What did the quick-thinking teen do?  Before buying one he placed the other one in an Easy Bake Oven so that no one else would find it.  Toys R Us was a great place.

In 2001 Albert Pujols made his debut.  Are there any other active players in pro sports who've been around that long?  That guy who just un-retired from the Bucs began his career in 2000.  I think there are some hockey players who've been around that long.  Probably a few NFL kickers or punters too.  

It took until 1990 or so, but I completed the 1988 set when I got a Mike Boddiker figure.

Did anyone collect those?  Do you still have them?  

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Did Anyone Order Kellogg's Factory Sets or Anything Else from Cereal Boxes?

We pulled lots of toys, stickers and cards from cereal boxes throughout our childhood.  I've even gotten a few things recently, but not too often any longer.  Eating cereal as a kid involved reading everything on the cereal box including the mail-in offers.  

Someone from my neighborhood ordered a 1974 Kellogg's factory set, but that was never going to happen at my house.  After asking in the early 1970s, I think I gave up after a few years.

Why did I stop pestering my mother?  I worked really hard at that point on getting her to let me order a popular Hot Wheels pair of cars.  I really wanted the Snake and Mongoose cars that maybe were only available through a mail-in offer.  Maybe a Hot Wheels collector can tell us more about this since I didn't see anything online.  None of my efforts got me those cars even though the price was maybe a dollar.

Once I had some money thanks to a paper route and my job as a caddie, I was able to get Sportscaster cards from a mail-in offer.  (  I am still working on that set since I stopped subscribing long before the Bird, Magic and Gretzky cards appeared.

From Wheaties boxes I pulled two instant wins for Michael Jordan basketballs around 1990.  I still have both of those, although one is a bit used.  

Did you get the Snake and Mongoose cars from a mail-in offer?  Did you get anything else that took some bargaining with your parents?

UPDATE from my mother - The younger kids did order Frosted Flakes cereal bowls and spoons from a mail-in offer.  She still has some of those.  Just more proof that my younger siblings got all the good stuff.  (No, I dared not say that to my mother so I can only vent here about it).

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Are Kellogg's Prices Not Coming Back? How About Trading?

 Sure, when I make a duplicate set I always end up needing the most expensive cards.  I won't list all of those here, but I always need Mays, Clemente, Rose, Ryan, etc.  

I have lots of extras to trade.  Are you looking to complete some sets or extra duplicates of your favorites?  Here are the cards that I am in most need of to complete sets in nice condition.

1.  Sure, like everyone else I'd love to get 1971s in nice condition but I am not willing to pay those prices.  I am currently working on off-condition cards so that I can get all of the variations.  I have no idea how many of my 1971s are in nice condition.  If I had to guess, I'd say only 15 - 20 of them are damage-free.

2.  1975s - I need Jon Matlack and Johnny Bench as upgrades.  I also need Brock, Hunter (A's), Grimsley, Garr, Buckner and Evans.

I've got a great collection of cracked Matlacks from 1975.

This card looks okay, but just like when buying Kellogg's cards online, it can be difficult to detect cracks.  One is obvious on the top right, but the card has other issues.  

3.  1974s - Goodson, Fisk, Palmer, Santo, Gibson.  The Gibson seems to be damaged frequently since it is card #1.

4.  1976s - Bench, Morgan, Jackson, Munson, Seaver

5.  1977s - Campaneris, Fingers, Brett, Jenkins, Foster, Norman, Garvey, Bostock, Carlton

6. 1978s - Schmidt, Luzinski, Carlton

7.  1979s - Yastrzemski, Reggie Jackson, Eckersley

8. 1980s - Carew.

9. 1973s - Kaline, Carew, Brock, Carlton

10. 1972s - Stargell, Lolich, Sanguillen, Wagner (All-Time Greats)

I have so many cracked cards that I also work on damaged sets.  There are lots of those that I am looking for as well.  Do you build sets that are cracked / damaged?  

Some of my favorite cards are in my damaged binder.  I might be able to make complete damaged sets from 1970 - 1980 since I have so many damaged cards.  Hard to believe, but I ended up with a lot of 1973s that are damaged.  They look like they spent a few years in someone's toy box.

I might go to the National.  Maybe we could trade there?

What is the Least Amount of Cash You've Brought to a Card Show?

 Today I went to a card show on the way to visit my mother.  I had $13 in my pocket.  $1 went for admission to the show and $3 was spent on a 1970 Kellogg's Denny McLain.  

I doubt than many of the 40 or so dealers at this show would take credit cards or PayPal.  That's okay because I didn't plan to be at the show for a long time.  I still haven't bought any 2022 Topps cards so I didn't look to see if anyone even had a cheap box like Opening Day since I was so short on cash.

Driving away from the show I realized that I've never been to a show with less cash, even in 1976.  As a team in the mid-1970s I was fortunate enough to go to a few cards shows a year in the Chicagoland area.  I would save paper route money and caddie money for these shows.  I remember having $35 at the first show I attended.  That went a long way, especially when a 1954 Topps Al Kaline in great shape was $2.

Why did I only have $13?  My ATM card was canceled because our bank was bought recently.  I probably have a new card somewhere and I guess this gives me the impetus to find it.  I need to figure this out before the next show.  

Friday, March 25, 2022

I Finally Got One; I Don't Ever Expect to Get Them All

 Today I picked up my first 1975 unopened Kellogg's packs.  I see these packs less than any others.  

You can see the top left card is Fergie Jenkins.  I didn't make a major effort with this picture since it is difficult to get these packs to show up well in photos.  The others are Jorge Orta, Gregg Gross and Ken Brett.  

Only 53 more to go to get the entire set.  I can't imagine that I will ever pursue the set since the cost of getting them could be used to buy a VG-EX set of cards from the 1960s.  

Does anyone collect these in the wrappers?