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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

1991-92 Kellogg's Hockey Cards from Canada - Unopened Pack Question

The Clemente card has nothing to do with what I was going to write, but since these packs are in the same photo already, I will leave it that way for this post. 

The Clemente shows the front of a pack and the Hull shows the back with the seal of the pack.  

My initial goal was to get 24 packs with each one featuring a different player on the front.  As shown in the cards below, the card on the front (Yzerman) displays a lot better than the card on the back (Turgeon).  

As I look through packs I am seeing a trend.  It now looks to me like only card numbers 13 - 24 can be found on the front of a pack.  Can anyone find a card on the front which is number 1 to 12 from the checklist?

Players are not always paired together, so the next step is finding out if card #1 (Patrick Roy) can be on the back of any card from #13 to #24 or is it restricted at all.  This is my kind of project because it is a lot more affordable than trying to buy 1968 Topps 3-D cards.  

Monday, January 17, 2022

Topps Attempts at 3-D Cards - Part One

 I've been slowly attempting to collect the Topps 3-D products with two exceptions that will be obvious if you know my spending habits.  Let me know if I missed any other sets or insert sets that Topps included with its baseball cards.  I am going to skip the Topps On Demand cards from the last few years since I haven't followed any of those sets.   

I am also going to skip the Topps Opening Day 3-D cards for now.  I am collecting them, but I've never looked into what years they were included in packs.  I've got some research to do on that.  


Some amazing cards that have been the blueprint for a few of the other Topps offerings.  I have a few of these, but I won't be trying to get the really expensive ones like Clemente.  Every card is actually beyond my budget at this point and they don't show up often.  

I have three cards but two are Willie Davis.  I'd be willing to trade it, but only if I get another card from this set.  FYI - this might not be my card pictured.  

1985, 1986 

There are those oversized cards that are quite 3-D.  I don't remember them going over well when released.  A box contained 24 packs and the sets had 30 cards.  I think that I have complete sets of both and an unopened box of both.  I remember it being difficult to determine if the pack had been opened already.  That's not a huge issue since there isn't much value in these.

Here are a few pictures from current ebay listings since mine haven't seen the light of day in a long time.

2011 Topps Lineage 

This 25-card set was inserted into the Lineage set.  It was designed to resemble the 1968 3-D cards.  I liked this set at the time and I bought some packs at the National that year and maybe the next year.  The set included only current players.  It had no players from the Cubs or White Sox.  Stars included Ichiro, ARod, Jeter, Pujols and Cabrera.

Another picture from ebay since I am not near my cards today.  I will need to check to see if I have all of these cards.  

2012 Topps Archives Inserts

Here is the another attempt at using the 1968 design.  Topps did a great job with these, other than maybe not choosing the best players.  They included Clemente, Mays, Ruth, Kaline and Mantle.  The other 10 cards featured current players.  

I completed this set.  I am working on getting three sets because it looks good in plastic sheets that way.

2017 Topps Heritage

Topps chose better players for this Heritage set.  I didn't buy any of these packs The 3-D cards were in quite short supply so it wouldn't have mattered.  I have none of these cards so far.

I remember these cards being expensive from day one.  A 15-card set sold on ebay recently for $325.  That is above my limit, but it seems like a fair price based on what I see for individual cards.  Players included Trout, Harper, Kershaw and finally a bunch of Cubs - Arrieta, Rizzo and Bryant.  

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Kellogg's Cereal Boxes from 1975 to 1979 with Baseball Cards Included

 Here are boxes from my collection, from David's (thanks again) or from pictures I found on ebay or somewhere else online.

I have no idea about the values of any of these boxes.  Does anyone know more about this?

These are impossible to find.  If you see any of them let me know since we are trying to get a complete list of the products that delivered these great cards.  

1975 Baseball

I don't recognize these boxes.  That's probably because I didn't have many in my collection in 1975.  In 1974 and 1976 I got dozens of these cards straight from cereal boxes.  I don't know if I got any during 1975.  

I have never seen an unopened pack from 1975.  Does anyone have some of them?

                                                                1976 Baseball

An impressive group of star cards shown on this box.  No card pictured on the front though.

                                                                1977 Baseball

A few different box backs.  Does anyone know why they had different players featured?  Was there a geographic component to this?

They didn't feature the biggest stars on the 1977 packages. 

                                                                1978 Baseball

I've seen a bunch of the unopened packs over the years.  

                                                        1979 Baseball

Kellogg's, or whoever wrapped the cards, changed the approach in 1979.  It doesn't look as good and the wrapper seems to be a bit more susceptible to separating into two pieces.  The two-piece approach separates far more easily in the 1980 set.

Next time I will show a few of the later boxes.  

Friday, January 14, 2022

Kellogg's Cereal Boxes from 1970 to 1974 with Baseball Cards Included

 I'm taking a look at the cereal boxes (or box backs) that Kellogg's printing to go along with their baseball card promotions.  I stared at these boxes every time I ate a bowl of cereal.  Did I keep them or cut out the cards? No.  Did anyone else I know do that?  No.

I have a few of these, but a collector named David sent me some of his pictures.   I am jealous of his amazing collection.  Other pictures just came from the internet.  If you have other boxes not shown here please send along pictures, or better yet, please sell them or trade them to me (or him).  

1970 Baseball

There are a few varieties.  I've been paying attention to the largest card pictured and referring to the backs by each player's name - Seaver, Robinson, Killebrew.   

I struggled to get cards in 1970 because Corn Flakes were not a family favorite.  Frosted Flakes - any day of the week.  

I'd love to get the box from the packs that were sold with 1970 cards.  I have some packs and it would be a great place to put them.  

                                        1971 Baseball

Those who don't collect Kellogg's cards are mostly interested in finding nice versions of 1971s because of the lack of a mail-in offer for a complete set.  Here are some boxes from that year.

1972 Baseball

I will stick to the regular Kellogg's set here.  

I remember the cards being in a bunch of different cereals, but we didn't get Cocoa Krispies.  Sugar Smacks worked for us though.

David just sent along more varieties from 1972.  Here they are.  

1973 Baseball

Our family was split between Cub and White Sox fans.  Great to have Billy Williams and Dick Allen featured on these boxes.  

I'd guess that 10-year-old me would not be happy if mom came home with the Steve Carlton box featured on the back.

1974 Baseball

Who is the featured player in 1974?  There is no card that is larger than the others.  Are the players in Tony's hand the featured ones?  No, I'm going with the cards on the left - more Chicago players.  

If you see any of these at shows or card shops, or if they are hidden and unwanted in your collection, let me know.  There are a few of us trying to find more combinations of cereal box sizes, brands used in the promotion and cards depicted.  

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Card Show Recap - The Variety Will Keep Me Coming Back - Even a Few Kellogg's Items

 It was nice to see a few new dealers at the local card show today.  There wasn't as much new stuff as usual.  The show has about 60 tables and there was plenty of stuff from the 1950s to current.  There was also a bunch of T206s and some Goudeys and a bit of other old stuff.  

It was great to talk to a few dealers who were collectors in the 1970s like I was.  I didn't buy the box shown below but it is one that I rarely see.  The Madlock card in Tony's paw looks like a drawing unlike the other cards that look like the ones actually included in the set.  

This was a 10-ounce box, something my large family would never have considered buying.

I purchased one card from this dealer - a 1976 unopened pack with Jim Rice inside.  I already have this one, so if someone wants to trade me for something on my wantlist that could work.  He also had an unopened 1976 Singleton but I didn't want to pay $10 for it.  Nice to see some unopened Kellogg's cards at all.

Sorry for the bad phone photos.  My scanner is somewhere else in the house and I am too lazy to search for it.  

I couldn't resist buying a PSA card even though that isn't my thing.  This was my favorite Kellogg's card in 1974, so it was great to see it for $10.  This dealer only had one Kellogg's card too.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Kellogg's Autographed Cards - Where Are They?


Sadly, you couldn't get three of them in a box of Raisin Bran at any time.  I have a bunch of the 1982 Kellogg's football cards that came attached in a panel of three.  Some of those panels fell apart but I like the header strip so expect to see it in pictures going forward.

Only once have I seen any of the autographed cards in any quantity and that was about 10 years ago and it was only Joe Theismann.  Has anyone seen these around online or at card shows?  Did they all end up in cereal boxes and then the garbage?

They did these for a few years and included athletes from different sports.  

I have two Jacobsen's and I don't think I've ever seen another one for sale.  That was the one I wanted most anyway since I was fortunate enough to caddy for him one day.  

Monday, January 3, 2022

New Set to Chase - German Kellogg's Cereal Cards

 Here's a first for me.  I picked up the cereal box before getting any cards from this set.  

I don't really collect basketball cards much but I will add these cards to my wantlist.

This 40-card Upper Deck set from 1996 includes the following players - Rodman, Pippen, Stockton, Malone, Kidd, Mutombo, Hill, Drexler, Olajuwon, Robinson, Barkley