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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday at the National - Kellogg's Cards

 I was only able to get to the National today even though it is 20 miles from my house.  Next year I will hope to get to the show during the last two days when it is five hours away from home.

I stayed 4 1/2 hours and this is what I saw.  Sure, I missed out on some good stuff since the show had been going on since Wednesday.

It seemed like many of the dealers who I see at the National, as well as at the other big Chicago shows, have the same Kellogg's cards as they had in the past.  

I picked up a partial set of 1976 Kellogg's cards.  It is only missing Carter and Bench.  As usual, I cannot get a Bench from 1975 or 1976.  Why did I buy this when I've already gotten a few of these.  Yes, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  

I rarely double-check my set needs before going to the show, but I did so today.  I needed the 1980 Carews because most of mine are discolored on the back, probably due to the wrappers separating into two pieces.  

I need the Munsons and Blyleven for sets.  I need the 1974 Palmer and 1977 Fingers as upgrades since I usually see these cards with major cracks.  

I couldn't resist some 1972 commons when they are $1.  1973 Pirates are difficult for me to find as well.  

The Babe Ruth card is cracked but the price was right and it is Babe Ruth.  

I don't need the Nolan Ryans, but I can hopefully use them to trade for the 1974 Ryans that I need.

I need the Bill Singer for my 1970 sets.  I didn't need a reason the buy the Santo card.

What else did I see/did I not see on Sunday?  

I saw a few 1970 Kellogg's baseball sets, with one being curled in plastic sheets.  I saw one 1971 football set and no other sets older than 1976.  

There were a few 1976-77 sets and a handful of them fro 1979-83.  I didn't notice any newer ones.  Prices were not cheap, which is why they were still available on Sunday.

Factory Sets

I saw some from 1979 and 1981.  Not many of them around either.  


I didn't find anyone who had lots of Kellogg's cards in their bargain boxes.  I also only looked at a limited number of those boxes.  I did see Kellogg's cards sprinkled around the show at more tables than usual.  That at least led to more conversations with dealers than I usually have.  That made the show fun for me.  

I hoped to find more cards that I needed for sets, but many of the biggest stars from each set (Mays, Clemente, Ryan, etc) were priced higher than I was willing to pay.  Not many of them were even around.

I saw no 1994 Clemente cards at all.  That doesn't seem odd, except when comparing it to the 1968 Topps 3-D card that I saw two of together.  FYI - the dealer had three of them and he sold one.   The same dealer had a few other of the 1968 3-D cards.  

I didn't see any advertising products or full cereal boxes.  One dealer had the nicest cards cut from boxes and the color was the best I'd ever seen for these cards.  

What did I miss on the other days?  Did I miss anything today?

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Kellogg's Cards That are Graded and Cracked - Now What?

 I mentioned these cards before but I had more questions about them.  

Summary - I picked up a lot that contained 1975 Kellogg's, one of the most likely of their sets to have cracked cards.  These two PSA 10 cards are severely cracked.

Here are the questions.

1.  Do people just take these cards out of the case since they are not looking too good?

2.  If someone takes the card out of the case, do you notify the grading company that it has been removed from the case?

I wonder about this because I've read comments from people online about their Kellogg's cards cracking after being graded.  If someone has a PSA 10 of a 1975 Topps Bill North, they probably are never going to take it out of the case.  Maybe not true of the cards above.

There are many PSA-graded 1975 Topps with very low populations.  Could those numbers be even lower if many of them are now cracked and/or removed from the holder?

I haven't decided the fate of these two cards yet.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Kellogg's Cards From Japan - Do They Exist From 2009 - YES!!!!!!! 

I've been looking for any example of Kellogg's cards from Japan issued in 2009.  I have yet to see any.  I have some from each of the other years, but none from 2009.  Does anyone have any information about this set?

I see a listing on ebay for one, but it doesn't seem to be anything other than an SP Authentic card.  

I found them on ebay.  Search for Japanese cereal cards baseball.  I am not sure I will pay that much for them since they are from the back of the box.  If they had all six it might make my decision easier.  

Here are some pictures.  Five are available from the same person - Kosuke Fukudome was not listed.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Still Looking For Bench and Matlack 1975 Kellogg's Cards

 As I work on completing some sets, of course I need Mays, Clemente, Ryan, etc.  But in 1975 I need Bench and Matlack  Oh, I probably have at least five of each, but they are all cracked immensely.

As a Kellogg's card hoarder, I promise to give them a good home if you can find a way to trade them to me.

Since I am only attending the National on Sunday, I doubt that I will find these cards.

I don't mind cracked cards, but I do need some un-cracked ones for sets I am working on this year.

Do I have stuff to trade?  Yes.  Obviously nothing from my want list as seen on the right.  

Do you want a 1981 set?  How about 1980?  I could work those into a deal since I have extras of those.  

Do you collect basketball cards?  I've got lots of 2000-01 Fleer Ultra 1-200 sets that I don't want.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Still Looking - Does Anyone in Dallas Know How I Can Find More of the Benanti Collection Xograph Cards?

 I see a few cards on and sometimes on ebay that are from the Benanti Collection.  When Beckett graded them they were labeled as such.  I picked up a bunch of these when Beckett Auctions was working with the Benanti family to sell the items.

A Beckett employee let me know that the family had more items for sale, but they didn't continue with Beckett Auctions.  Has anyone seen more of these cards anywhere?

I liked that they offered cards that were one-of-a-king proof cards.  Here are a few that I own.

Here are the mainstream cards of the two proofs from above.  Since I have nothing better to do, I found that the signature location changed from the proof to the released card.  The change was an improvement for the Gehrig card, but I am not convinced that the Williams card is better with the change.

I assume that there are others that have changed, but I haven't seen that many of the proofs.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Opening a 1979 Kellogg's Factory Set - Someone Opened It Before I Did

 Another set that I bought recently that was not sealed.  So, I decided to look through it today.  Many of the cards were still connected, but most of them loosely.

Here is what I saw when pulling the cards out.  It was obvious that the cards were not disturbed much by whoever opened the set.  Sadly, the Parker and Carlton were both badly cracked.  The bright colors on the cards were nice to see.

I kept a few of them together because they were firmly connected.  Only the Bruce Sutter was cracked.

Add these nine cards to the list of those cracked in this set.  10 / 60 were cracked.  I was lucky with the 1978s, but this group of 10 included better players including two HOFers - Sutter and Carlton.

Besides having nice colors, the cards are quite flat.  

Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Ups and Downs of Kellogg's Factory Sets - I Was So Close

If I get a factory set that is sealed I keep it that way.  If I get one that is opened, it is really just a set in the original wrapper and/or box.  I keep the original packaging, but there really is now way to call it a factory set.

I am trying to collect a factory set from each year.  I don't expect to be able to get any of them before 1976 since (a) I rarely see them and (b) the price would be well beyond what I'd be able to afford.  

A few weeks ago I picked up two sets that were being sold as opened sets.  I don't know if I've ever seen a 1975 Kellogg's set in the original wrapper, so I picked it up since the price led to little risk on my part.   A 1975 set in the original wrapper - no shipping box was included.  

Sure, I was hoping for a nice Nolan Ryan and Pete Rose, but I was more interested in getting nice cards of Johnny Bench and Jon Matlack since I cannot find them in nice condition.

The wrapper looked okay,  I am finally seeing a 1975 set in the wrapper.  

The cards were fairly flat by Kellogg's standards.  One two of the cards were connected enough to keep them that way.

Corners and backs were good.  The cards were the corrected versions, but the Catfish Hunter seemed to be the wrong version.

Ryan and Rose were fully cracked.  EVERY card was fully cracked, some of them with a good portion of the coating coming off.  If this were a cheaper set, it might be worth trying to just peal the coating off of each card - they'd probably look better that way.    

One positive - I at least got to see this set for the first time ever.  Just like the one-card packs, I never see this set available online.

The second set got me different results - a 1978 set.  I already have a  sealed set so checking out this one was a bit more fun and less disappointing.  Here is the wrapper.  

Most of the cards were connected, at least lightly.  This panel was fairly secure, so I kept it together but the Dent card is the only cracked one.  A few other pairs were connected enough to keep them as well.  The ones connected lightly I got to separate, which was something I never did as a kid since we never had the money to send away for the set.

The cards were fairly flat too.

Amazingly, none of the 13 cracked cards were Hall of Famers.  There are three pairs below that are connected and two of the cards are not cracked.

I will need to keep looking for sealed factory sets from 1970 - 1975.  That should keep me busy for another 20 years.