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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

1980 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #40 Fred Lynn

Lynn won his first batting title in 1979.  

Not on the card - he played 11 more seasons and never surpassed .301.  His career average was .283.

He only played 177 minor league games.  

Lynn's career is hard to define.  As a kid I was really excited to get his cards.  When I think about his career now, I think of his cards in the commons boxes at card shows.

He was a nine-time all-star.  Throw in four Gold Glove awards and his 1975 Rookie of the Year and MVP awards.

Since I've been looking at MVP votes to see what others thought of the player, I will do that with Lynn.  After his impressive 1979 season he was fourth in the MVP voting.  He received MVP votes in only two other seasons and neither time he finished in the top 20.

In 1979 Don Baylor won the MVP.  Ken Singleton and George Brett finished ahead of Lynn. 

Sadly, our hobby now sees guys as Hall of Famers or commons.  Lynn hit 306 homers to go with all of the other things mentioned above. 

Monday, March 30, 2020

What Else Do You Collect?

Kellogg's cards have been in my collection since 1970.  They were not my primary focus for most of my collecting years. 

I've been cleaning up a lot of my collectible stuff since I'm stuck at home.  With another month of that ahead I am looking forward to more organization.  The stuff that I am looking for never seems to be around at card shows.  Well, card shows don't really exist now either.  Maybe someday. 

Besides Kellogg's cards I am actively looking for Sportscaster cards and Hostess boxes with the cards on the back.  I really prefer the entire box, which makes it difficult.  I don't think I've gotten a new one in over a year.

When I get into the attic I will clean up my Starting Lineup collection.  I've got way too many of those.  That was really fun for me since I spent time with my younger brother on that.  I still would pick up some of them outside of the package if I saw them. 

I always look for track and field stuff, especially things that I can display in my exercise room.  With all of the time at home I am hoping to get lots of stuff mounted on the walls of that room.

I am still seeking odd items from the Western Open golf tournament and anything Chick Evans items.

What items do you seek and rarely see at a card show?

Sunday, March 29, 2020

1980 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #41 Carlton Fisk

I didn't know that Fisk had relatives in MLB (Rick Miller) and in the NFL (Dave Jennings).  

Not on the card - Fisk and Miller were teammates for six years in Boston.  

Fisk was always my sister's favorite player on the White Sox. 

I didn't remember Fisk missing so many games that year.  He missed a lot of games in 1974, 1975, 1984, 1988 and 1989. always lists a player's 162-game average and Fisk's doesn't match up to his career numbers due to him missing so many games. I will compare him to a few others who played around the same time (same strike seasons, etc.).


Home Runs - 378
Seasons - 24
Average per season - 15.8
Average per 162 games - 24  (51.9% more)

Mike Schmidt

Home Runs - 548
Seasons - 18
Average per season - 30.4
Average per 162 games - 37 (21.7% more)

George Brett

Home Runs - 317
Seasons - 21
Average per season - 15.1
Average per 162 games - 37 (25.8% more)

Ron Cey

Home Runs - 316
Seasons - 17
Average per season - 18.6
Average per 162 games - 25 (34.4% more)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Why Did Kellogg's Do That?

In 1977 I'd be checking out the back of the cereal box while hurrying through some Frosted Flakes before walking the paper route and heading to the golf course to caddie.  Yes, we had to walk the route and put the paper either between the doors or in the mailbox - give the customer what they want.  

Kellogg's didn't do the best job of selecting players for us kids to see when diving in to find our 3-D card.  At no point in 1977 would I have been happy to get the six guys shown above Pete Rose.

On the box below I would have been happy to get Brett or Madlock and I would have been okay with a Ron Cey. 

When I posted about years with the least amount of players who appeared in more than one Kellogg's set, this set came to mind immediately.  As far as the other years I had no idea.  Here is what I found - of course, I could have miscounted a bit. 

Least cards depicting players who appeared in another set - 41

1974 and 1977.  Since 1977 has three more cards in its set, it has the lower percentage.

The 1981 set had the most repeaters with 57.  That doesn't surprise me since the player selection seems really good in that set.   But, the 1973 set, with 49 repeaters in a set of only 54, has the highest percentage of any year. 

I was expecting some sets to have a lot less repeaters. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

1980 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #42 Vida Blue

I stopped working through this set for a few reasons.  Back to the countdown with #42 Vida Blue.

A switch-hitting pitcher.  Isn't that great, especially since he was in the A.L. from 1973 to 1977 with the DH rule in place.  Wait, he hit .104 in his career.  I would have thought that he was a switch-hitter because he was good at the plate.

His MVP/Cy Young season of 1970 is mentioned.  I didn't realize that he only pitched 39 innings during the previous season.  He only pitched 42 in the 1968 season, so he really was a new guy when he took both awards.  He was not too many innings over the rookie limit.

Not on the card - he didn't even lead the league in wins in 1971.  Mickey Lolich was 25-14.

In 1971 Harmon Killebrew led the league with 119 RBIs.  He was the only guy to top 100.  He finished tied for 21st in the MVP voting (28 HR, .254 average).

For those who look at WAR, Wilbur Wood posted the highest one - 11.0.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Kellogg's Card Set Questions

In an effort to keep my brain going at home I came up with the following questions about Kellogg's cards.  See if you can answer them without looking them up.  Only one came to mind when I did this and it was correct for one of these.

1.  Which Kellogg's set has the most players that are also featured in another year (1970 to 1983)?

2.  Which Kellogg's set has the least number of players that were featured in another set?

3.  Since the number of cards varied in the sets, which sets featured the highest and lowest percentage of players that were also featured in another set?

4.  Do the sets with more repeats make them better in your opinion?  Do you prefer the sets with more players who appear in only one set?

Here is what I came up with for these sets.

Year# repeats# in Set

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Searching For Others Who Pay Attention to Kellogg's Cards

I found this blog post today while looking for new information about Kellogg's cards.

It mentions Tug McGraw and his 1973 Kellogg's card.  Tug was involved in a crazy game that I watched recently because that is all they show now - old sporting events. 

Here is the box score - from the 1979 game. 

What did I learn from watching the telecast?

1.  The umpires were on strike.  It was hinted that the strike zone enforcement had been iffy so pitchers ended up throwing for the middle of the plate.  That and the wind blowing out at Wrigley field made for a 23-22 game. 

2.  There were three pitchers in the game who later pitched the last out of a World Series victory for their team.  Can you guess who they are?

Not mentioned - another pitcher had two wins and a save in the 1975 World Series. 

3.  In the first inning the opposing pitchers not only both batted in the ninth spot, but one homered and the other got a triple.  Randy Lerch of the Phillies homered but didn't last through the first inning.  Lerch's box score - one run, one hit, one homer, one RBI and one out on the mound.  Dennis Lamp of the Cubs got one out too and a relief pitcher tripled in the first inning. 

Other things not mentioned -

1.  Bob Boone got two intentional walks and he was batting seventh, not eighth. 
2.  Dennis Lamp was the only starter to not get a hit.  That was only because he didn't last long enough to bat.  As mentioned earlier his replacement got a hit in the first inning so every position got a hit in this game. 
3.  Of the 11 pitchers in the game, only two gave up no runs.  The announcers made a big deal about the Phillies bringing in their closer, McGraw, in the fifth inning with his team leading 21-9.  It was 21-16 by the end of the inning. 

I hope that they show the Mike Schmidt four-homer game too (5th 7th, 8th, 10th innings).  I kept a box score of that one as a kid.  The Cubs led 12-0 after two innings.   McGraw got the win in that one even though he gave up two runs as he blew the save in the ninth inning.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Corn Flakes Baseball Greats Cut-Outs

I'm continuing to organize my collection.  I was wondering about these Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes that have the cut-outs.  The larger box is only 12 ounces.  The smaller one is just a box back but it must be 8 or 9 ounces.  

Did these cards show up on bigger boxes too?

Does anyone know how many different sizes contained these cut-outs?

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kellogg's Unopened Packs - How Are They Produced?

I've got a few of these strips of unopened Kellogg's packs from the 1991 and 1992 All-Star sets. 

Has anyone seen anything like this from any of the other Kellogg's sets? 

I noticed that most of the strips that I have contain a pattern of three consecutive cards of each player as shown in the strips of cards above.  Does anyone know more about patterns from other products.

This is another one of the things I like about Kellogg's cards.  I can work on this, learn from others and wait for a day when something else would show up.

Wouldn't it be great if a three-card strip of one of your favorite players or cards appeared?  Is your favorite player Ralph Kiner or Tony Perez? 

There are a bunch of Kellogg's cards that I'd love to see in that fashion - my first ones, my favorite ones, some Cubs, etc.  Not that I would turn down a Mays, Clemente, Ryan, Rose, etc. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Stay-at-Home Order - Kellogg's Card Trading Time?

I've been home for a week now doing e-teaching.  I've taken advantage of this time to eat better, exercise better and organize my Kellogg's cards more.  Eventually I will need to work on the house too.  I've gained lots of time since I no longer commute an hour each way to school.

Since many of you are in similar circumstances, how about checking to see what Kellogg's cards you'd like to trade.  I don't like to sell my duplicates too much but I'd be up for trading.  I have nice cards and damaged cards to trade.  I am a set builder by nature so I am looking to complete some of those this year.  I certainly have time to pack things nowadays and as long as the USPS keeps coming to my house I can get stuff sent out.

Sure everyone wants/needs Rose, Ryan, Mays, Clemente, etc.  I am always short on those cards for sets and other project.  How about some of these other needs that I have?  For some of these I need more than one for some projects.  I am looking for these cards in nice, crack-free condition.

1970 McLain, Lolich, Cullen, Alou, Epstein, Horlen, Powell, Reichardt, Singer, May
1972 Stargell
1973 Blass, Fisk, Tolan, Blyleven, Brock, Broberg, Sanguillen, Kaline
1974 Gibson, Monday, Coleman, Campaneris, Fisk, Palmer, Santo, Luzinski
1975 Bench, Fingers, Morgan, Brock
1976 Morgan, Bench, Munson
1977 Jenkins, Brett, Winfield, Fingers
1978 Schmidt
1979 Eckersley, Yastrzemski, Reggie Jackson
1981 Schmidt, Brett, Henderson, Ryan
1982 Ryan, Jackson
1983 Schmidt

My unopened needs haven't changed.  They are posted on the home page of my blog.

I am also working on getting sets of damaged/cracked cards.  This is fun and affordable for me.  Here are cards I need for these sets.  I will take these in poor condition if that is what is available.

1970 ATG Gehrig, Ruth #14

1970 Lolich, Kaline, Nolan, Bench, Jones, Seaver, Powell, Clemente, Jackson, Allen, Culp, Odom, Hisle

1971 (with Xograph only on the back bottom left instead of 1970 Xograph) - Clemente, Mays, F. Robinson, Merritt, Cater, McCovey, Blair, Stottlemyre, Kaline, May, Banks, Killebrew, Palmer, Torre, Rose, Monday

1971 variations (with 1970 Xograph on the back bottom left) - Robertson (95 RBI), Merritt (219 BB), Cardenal (829 H), Dobson (625 SO), McCovey (1400 H), Blair (385 R), Stottlemyre (880 AO), Gaston (113 R), Dietz (199 RBI), May (273 H), Dierker (875 SO), Cuellar (990 SO), McNally (1067 SO), Palmer (567 SO), Northrup (2772 AB).

1971 Any damaged variation needed Sutton, Dierker, A. Johnson, McCovey, Clemente, Stargell

1972 Freehan, Johnson, McDowell, May, Rojas, Blass, Williams, Marichal, Clemente

1974 Colbert, Jackson, Bench, Mayberry, Rose, Seaver, Blyleven, Murcer, Watson, Speier, Kelly, Blomberg, Johnson

1975 Jenkins, Zisk, Montanez, Hunter, Yastrzemski, Jackson, E. Maddox, B. Robinson, Jones, Rudi, Piniella, Grubb, Geronimo, Schmidt, Rose

1976 Busby, Reuss, Griffey, Munson, Rose

1977 Fidrych, Kingman, Maddox, Carlton

1978 Schmidt, Munson, Bowa, Carton, Maddox, McCovey

I haven't forgotten Kellogg's football cards.  I will probably start working on a damaged set from 1971.  From 1970 I am only missing stars - Simpson, Butkus and Sayers.  I am missing them from both nice and damaged sets that I am working on completing.

I can be e-mailed at

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Another Kellogg's Pack Was Opened

Vintage Breaks opened a curled pack that showed Jose Laboy.  Here is the breakdown.

Perry, J

No surprises at all.  

Has anyone seen how much it cost to get in on one of these breaks?  The spots in a break seem quite expensive, especially when there are only a few good cards that are possible in a pack.  The odds for Kellogg's cards has to be better than the odds in a large Topps set.  

Let me know if you see a Kellogg's pack on any of the sites that do this.  

1970 Kellogg's packs are getting more difficult to find since this site has already opened 20 packs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Kellogg's 1991-92 Hockey Card Packs

I like the unopened packs of Kellogg's cards from 1991-92.  There is just one big problem.  The packs have two cards with both of the fronts being visible through the clear cellophane.  Both cards display the Score logo and there is no mention of Kellogg's except for the last card - Cornelius Rooster.

I added pictures of the front and back of the Patrick Roy card in this post - 1991-92 Kellogg's Hockey Cards - Produced by Score.  The back does have the Kellogg's name on it. 

Here is the checklist.

1Patrick Roy
2Rick Tocchet
3Wendel Clark
4Mike Modano
5Jeremy Roenick
6Pierre Turgeon
7Kevin Hatcher
8Brian Leetch
9Mark Recchi
10Andy Moog
11Kevin Dineen
12Joe Sakic
13John MacLean
14Steve Yzerman
15Pat LaFontaine
16Al MacInnis
17Petr Klima
18Ed Olczyk
19Doug Wilson
20Trevor Linden
21Brett Hull
22Rob Blake
23Dave Ellett
24Cornelius Rooster

If someone found these packs they would have no idea that they came from Kellogg's. 

Now that I have a bunch of them in unopened packs I guess that I will attempt to collect the entire set in unopened packs.  It is a cheap, although not easy to find set, so should I get picky and find each player appearing on the front of a pack?

If I am locked in my house for a long time with time on my hands should I search for all of the front/back combinations.  Are all combinations possible?  All combinations could be all 24 cards with 23 different backs.  Ugh.  That is not going to happen unless I find an entire box full of that stuff.  That is more likely with the Kellogg's basketball cards since they are really, really affordable. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Who You Gonna Call?

I am working from home today since school is closed.  My daughter is home from her school and my son is home from college.  We are all closed until further notice.

I let me children know that I'd prefer they put on a movie over watching whatever was on television.  My son decided to turn on Space Jam.  In this 1996 movie aliens such out the athleticism of five NBA players.  These players go get tested and it turns out they have an unknown virus.  What does the NBA do about it?  They shut down the league.  

Maybe we should call Bill Murray, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes for help.  

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Kellogg's Olympic Champions

I mentioned this set before.  This is one of my favorite sets.  I found that they did another one for soccer in Europe but I doubt that I will collect that one.

There is lots to learn on these cards but I guess the internet has made them less interesting to the younger crowd.

I am trying to assemble the entire set in the original wrappers.  I have the set opened and they are great, but I need #13 (4x400 relay) and #18 (Javelin). 

Does anyone ever see these or the small poster to display all 20 cards?