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Sunday, December 31, 2017

1970 - 1975 Kellogg's Cards With Collars

I don't always finish what I start on this blog but I will with the collars.  I needed to check 1970 - 1975 Kellogg's cards.  I found lots of pictures from the side where I couldn't determine if there was a collar or a turtleneck shirt.  I ignored all of those.  Here is what I found.

Seven cards in six years.  Four Hall of Fame members, and one who appears twice.  No, not Fergie Jenkins this time even though he's in sets from this time range.

1971, 1974 and 1975 had none that were 100% confirmed from the images shown.

1970 - Juan Marichal and Al Kaline.

I think that there are more cracks in this Marichal card than he had wins in 1969 - 21.  What is the record for most cracks in a Kellogg's card?

Al was a favorite of my freshman biology teacher.  And a favorite of me when I was six since we both played the same position.  My brother even convinced me that being in right field was a good thing. 

1972 - Juan Marichal.  Unlike Topps, who used the same photo sometimes, Juan sported a collar again in a different pose.  I like the completely different uniforms too.

1972 All-Time Greats - Cy Young's certainly looks like part of the uniform.  Some of my students and my own children would be quick to ask "didn't you play Little League with him?"

1973 - Joe Coleman and Manny Sanguillen.  Sanguillen has the collar popped up, but I will count it.

Update - the 1973 Gaylord Perry card also shows him with a collared shirt under his uniform.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

One Week Down...

and I'm already hating this winter weather.  It is having quite an impact on my training.

How about my Kellogg's cards.  Do they do okay in cold weather? 

One of my closet walls shares a wall with an unheated garage.  Can I leave cards in that closet?

I never considered this with old baseball cards, but since the early 1990s some of cards stick together in the wrong weather conditions.  Luckily, I don't collect many cards from the early 1990s and beyond.  Now I just worry about my Kellogg's cards getting damaged by being in the wrong room.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Collars on Kellogg's Cards?

If you are my age, you might remember that the White Sox wore softball style uniforms in the late 1970s.  Kellogg's cards from 1977 - 1982 feature these uniforms.  That makes sense since I checked and found that they wore those uniforms from 1976 - 1981.  

Everyone talked about the softball shorts that the White Sox sometimes wore during this time, but the shirts were odd since they incorporated a collar.  That can clearly be seen on Kellogg's cards from 1977 to 1981.  The same jerseys are shown on the 1982 cards, but the poses make it difficult to see the collar.

The last card with an obvious collar in the 1970 - 1983 Kellogg's set is probably Chet Lemon from the 1981 set.  I'd have to look closely or zoom in to see the collar on Lemon or Carlton Fisk.


The White Sox had uniforms with a built-in collar.  Who else could be wearing a collar on a Kellogg's card?  Probably some old-timers, but I will check the cards from 1970 - 1975 tomorrow.  Today I started with 1976 and found at least five other non-White Sox cards that feature a collar prominently.  I don't know if a few of them were built into the jersey, but here they are.  Can you name any of them without looking?

Hints --

1.  This Hall of Fame inductee shows up twice with a collared shirt. 

2.  Another Hall of Famer is shown with a collar.  If his poses were different I might have seen a collar on more than one of his cards.

3.  A third Hall of Famer isn't even a veteran yet when he showed the collar under his jersey.

4.  The fourth player made some big plays in the World Series during a 16-year career.  

As I mentioned before, I still use a Chet Lemon model glove.

Fergie Jenkins is sporting a prominent collar on this card as well as on his 1977 card, which game me the idea for this post.

Willie Stargell might be wearing a collar in other years, but the poses didn't make it obvious.

The collar on Gary Carter is hard to figure out.  Does he have two shirts under the jersey?

Long ago I checked out batting gloves on Kellogg's cards.  I guess I should check out batting gloves used by fielders as Carter is demonstrating here.

Joe Rudi's got the batting glove too.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

1983 Kellogg's Baseball Card Questions

I've written about the color differences with the 1979 Kellogg's baseball cards.  Lee had lots of great information to add regarding the two printers and three print runs for those sets. 

Today, I was sorting through a stack of 1983s and I noticed two distinct printings like the 1979s.  I haven't read anything, but were two printers used for this set as well?  Check out the two Valenzuela cards.  The one of the right is has the word Kellogg's in a reddish color.  It also has a bright, white border.  The card on the left reminded me of the 1979s with a more orange Kellogg's title and a border with a more washed-out white.

Unlike the 1979s, where I have more of the orange versions, I have mostly the red versions of the 1983s.  What does everyone else have?

I checked out about a dozen cards and noticed no differences on any of the card fronts except Valenzuela's.  On Fernando's card it looks like there is a base on the mound behind him.  It switches sides on the two cards.  Check out inside the "V" in Fernando's signature.  

The card backs feature different alignment as can easily be seen by the differences in the bottom border.  Like the 1979s, one version has a bright, white color on the back and the other is washed out a bit. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Another Article

This article on discusses 10 of the most sought-after Roberto Clemente cards.  The 1968 3-D card made the list.  

I had one of these in my hand at the National a few years ago, but I don't think that will happen again unless I win the lottery.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Proofs and Other Production Versions of Kellogg's Cards

Recently I've seen a few different types of items that were used in the production process of Kellogg's cards.  Is there any information or guide to what types of items have shown up in the marketplace?

Here are three items currently on ebay.  They are probably all outside of my budget and I know nothing about them.  The Sutter item appeals to me since he was a Cub.  Would I find a way to make one of these work if my favorite player were Sutter, Simmons or Colbert?  Only time will tell.

Does anyone have anything resembling this stuff?  Can someone tell me more about the source of these type of items?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Which Kellogg's Card Keeps Finding Your Collection?

As I tried to make the 1978 Topps Baseball card set during the summer of 1978 I didn't know anything about short prints or double prints.  I was certainly learning about it since I kept getting Mike Lum and Pete Rose cards.  I ended up with 22 Mike Lums before making the set.  I certainly had at least 10 Pete Rose cards as well.

Collecting Hostess cards was just as challenging.  The boxes that were delivered seemed to have the same to have heavy duplication at my local stores.  Does anyone remember getting stuck with the same Kellogg's cards from boxes in their area?

Other than buying a player lot of cards like I did with George Brett, which Kellogg's card keeps finding its way into your collection?  When I go to a card show if the cards are in a $0.10 or $0.25 box I tend to buy them.  Do you?  Which players keep showing up?

I see 1981 cards most frequently even though they are the only ones that don't stand out since they are the same size as standard baseball cards of today.  So, I've got a lot of Rich Gossage, Bruce Sutter, George Foster, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, Ron Guidry and Paul Molitor.  These guys aren't good enough to put on display at a card show, but I will keep buying them when they are cheap.

As far as older cards that just seem to be around, it usually seems like the seller had a set so the cards are distributed evenly.  If I get done sorting my cards before I retire maybe I will get more details on which older ones keep ending up in my possession.


Friday, December 22, 2017

A Good Article About the Kellogg's Company and 1980s 3-D Cards

I found this to be an interesting read, even if it is PG-13 in one paragraph.  Please don't comment as to what they hoped to accomplish with their patented cereal. 

The article mentions the 1983s being available in cereal boxes.  The cereal box confirms that, but I haven't seen any of these.  Has anyone seen 1983 Kellogg's individual card packs?  Can you send them all to me?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

1968 Topps 3-D Style Used Recently

I've got some of these cards modeled after the 1968s.  The can be found in the 2011 Topps Lineage set and  the 2012 Topps Archives.  Are there other issues that contained these type of cards?

Does anyone collect these as well?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1979 Kellogg's Variations

I haven't picked up any 1979 Kellogg's cards in a long time.  I'm still searching for variations on the back with the trademark and team logos.  This sets comes in two slightly different border colors - one is white and the other is somewhere between white and yellow.  The latter seems to be the factory set cards - I have all of those variations. 

The sharp, white bordered cards seem to have the variations.  I really like the Phillies variation since the logo changed from the two guys to a boring "P".  Check out the older logo below.

I'm glad this lot was not just from a factory set since it had this Carlton.  Unfortunately, the other Phillies were the more common version with the scripted "P" on the back. 

The Grimsley on the left is what I seem with those cards that come from factory sets.   Does anyone have factory sets with the example from the right?  I know that there were three printings, but I'm not sure about the details of each printing.

The back of the card shown above matches the card on the right above.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Skipped a Card Show Today

I've been somewhat of a steady card collector since I was about six years old.  Today I decided to skip a card show even though I went running about three miles from the show site. 

Why?  Last time there the show had lots of empty tables. 

Sure, I'm spoiled with options for a show at least a few weekends a month.  For those with no options you probably won't like my reason for not attending lots of shows near me.  My problem - almost every show has the same dealers in the same locations with the same items for sale. 

The big shows near O'Hare are certainly enjoyable, but other than the National, these shows tend to focus on the autographs, which is something I don't spend money on at all.  I still go to these since there are at least different dealers than I see around town.

How about you?  Do you have card shows nearby?  Do you attend them always, sometimes or never?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

MLB Players Who Spent Time in Prison and Time on a Kellogg's Card

My daughter went to prison today.  Luckily, it was with a school group, not as a new inmate.  Somehow, she had a good time interacting with the teens being reformed.

Here is a list of guys who were served with Kellogg's cereal in the morning and also served time in jail. 

Pete Rose

Vida Blue

Denny McLain

Jerry Koosman

John Odom

Willie Wilson

Who else do you got? 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Another Reason I Need My Macbook

I want to compile the list of NL East players who got a Kellogg's card but not All-Star recognition.  Since I don't have my new Macbook yet this isn't easy to do. 

On the Macbook I used the Sean Lahman database, which contains all things MLB, and added a few Kellogg's files to it.  That would make it easy to determine these players.  I have the files backed up, but I want to keep using the Macbook version of the Lahman databases because I use them to teach as well.

So, the NL East answers will wait until at least Sunday.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kellogg's Cards of Players Who Never Made an All-Star Team

Back in the 1970s there were four divisions in baseball.  The Cubs played in the NL East with the Mets, Cardinals, Pirates, Phillies and Expos.  In the Ron Santo story that I mentioned recently, Steve Swisher was one of the guys traded by the White Sox to obtain Santo.

Swisher was one of my favorite Cubs.  He was even an all-star in 1976.  He was one of the few NL players to not appear in the All-Star game that year. 

How did he become and all-star?  Each team got an all-star and the Cubs weren't having a great season. 

Can you think of other NL East players who got a Kellogg's card and never made an All-Star Game?

Monday, December 11, 2017

I Learned Something New About Ron Santo Today

On this day in 1973 Ron Santo was traded from the Cubs to the White Sox.  I knew that since it was big news even though Santo played only one season with the White Sox.

What I didn't know was that Santo became the first player to use the 10-5 rule when he vetoed a potential trade to the Angels.  The rule states that a player with 10-years of MLB experience, including five years with his current team, can veto any trade. 

Baseball was a lot different in 1973 since free agency wasn't in the picture yet.  There don't seem to be a lot of 10-5 guys today. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

PSA Packs - Kellogg's 1970 and 1971

Here is what I found under PSA packs.  Not many 1970 six-card packs have been graded by PSA.  Only 26 of them.  None have been graded higher than '9'.

Ernie Banks leads the way with three packs graded having his card on top. 

They only show eight one-card packs being graded.  All Hall of Famers in this group.

There are only two 1970 Rold Gold packs graded - Ruth and Gehrig.

I thought that there would be more 1971s since they are so much more valuable.  Only 24 baseball one-card packs and two football packs have been graded.  No more than two of any baseball player are reported. 

Does PSA still do this grading?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

What Do You Do With The Fronts of Boxes?

Normally I will only buy the back panel of a Kellogg's box, or the entire box if I am lucky enough to find one.  The back displays well and it is all about the cards.  The front isn't what I memorized while eating Frosted Flakes as a kid.

I did pick up a front panel recently.   Here it is.

I was thinking about what to do with it.  I could simply use it on the cover of one of my Kellogg's card albums.  I might just display it home or at work where it might spark conversation.  

Am I going to try to collect all of them?  Absolutely.  Add this to the list of things that I won't spend much energy on any time soon.  

Does anyone do anything else with these panels?

Friday, December 8, 2017

I Really Did Buy a Figuring Skating Card

I finally got the Hank Aaron card that I'd wanted.  I was surprised to finally get this Aaron along with the other two shown below - Robinson and Yamaguchi.  

I previously mentioned being on the living room floor when Hank Aaron hit number 715.  I don't think that I was on the floor because the room was full.  Instead, I remember recording the game on my cheap, hand-held tape recorder.  If one wanted to record a song from the radio this was how it was done.

I don't ever remember listening to the tape again and I've long since lost that tape.  The memory of the moment is quite clear even though I can't remember which family members were watching with me and my parents.   

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Collecting Kellogg's cards has been a lot of fun since I first got Mel Farr and Lem Barney in 1970.

When the upcoming holidays arrive, will/should I say this to relatives when they ask if I still collect baseball cards?

Since I'm a teacher, I will give you multiple choice selections for the answer.

(a) The first step is admitting that I have a problem.
(b) When am I a collector and when am I a hoarder?
(c)  Does buying a card of a figure skater count?  What if it is autographed?
(d)  How many 1983 George Brett cards is too many for me to own?
(e) All of the above.

Yes, I did buy a Kristi Yamaguchi card since I am now attempting to complete that Kellogg's set.

I think that I might only need the Kyle Busch card now.  At least I have some history of buying NASCAR cards.  I did some of that with my son when he was interested in buying cards. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Steve Hargan, Claudell Washington and Don Gullett - Like You've Not Seen Before

Hey, check out these three unopened packs that I didn't have before today.

The first two are Claudell Washington. I made no extra effort to determine how well the front would appear in the photo.  Sorry about that.

The next two are Don Gullett.

I did my best work with the Steve Hargan photos.  It is easy to see through the wrapper on both sides.

Where did I get them?  I made them in my lab, I mean the kitchen table. 

Over the years I've purchased a bunch of Kellogg's cards that were opened but placed back in their original wrappers.  What a great idea.  Almost every one of those cards displays incredible color that isn't always seen in these cards. 

I intentionally trimmed the above photos so it wouldn't be obvious, but here is the real picture of what they look like in the used wrappers.  I am making no attempt to pass these off as unopened.  I just want to complete the set so I will use these.

I would never be able to do this for the 1981 to 1983 cards because I don't have many wrappers, but I think I will attempt this with some of my favorites.  Look for them in the future.  

I imagine that someone would try to figure out a way to repackage an old Clemente, Mays or other players.  Luckily, the older Kellogg's wrappers are one piece.  Doing this has made me wonder about expensive unopened cards.  

I would be skeptical of any 1980 stars in their original wrappers because the two-piece wrapper easily separates into front and back.  1979s might also separate that way.  

As always, more information on this topic is appreciated.  

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Never Heard of Kellogg's Pep Cereal

I saw this article on Sports Collectors Daily - 1937 Kellogg's Pep Cereal Stamps.  The article mentioned that this cereal was sold until the 1970s, but I don't remember it at all.  It was said to be a rival of Wheaties, so the stamps promotion makes sense since Wheaties was using sports giveaways to sell cereal during the 1930s.

I've seen these items on ebay but I never clicked to learn any more about these stamps.

This article was worth reading.  Will I ever attempt to get these?  I don't know how much I am going to branch out into other Kellogg's sports-related items.  That might work if I end up getting all of the 1970 - 1983 cards.

Here is more information.

I was disappointed to find out that there were few golfers and no track and field athletes.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Different Conditions of Unopened Packs

I've finally got pictures, but it still isn't going well with my loaner MacBook. 

Here are some 1978 Kellogg's unopened packs. 

I've got some, like the Sutter below, that have cereal stains.  These stains are only on the front, but I've got some with the stain going all they way through to the back.

Is anyone concerned when the front of the card has wrinkles on the wrapper?

The Foster below looks great on both sides.  I hope the photos show that.  It is clean and not discolored.  

Below is a Foster with lots of discoloration and a few odd stains.  I have no problem with some discoloration, which I see on the edges of lots of these packs.

There are always a few ugly ones.  The Dent card below is totally discolored.  It doesn't look good at all.  This is how lots of the 1979 and 1980 packs look.  Whatever material was used didn't keep the color at all. 

To make matters worse, Dent's card is cut wrong.  I assume that this is a factory reject, but then why is it so discolored?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Sorting 1976 Kellogg's Unopened Was Better....

...than paying attention to the movie Baby Driver that we got from the library. 

On top of that, I at least found out which cards I need.

#1 - #3 were only found in the factory set, right?  So I can't get unopened versions of them I guess.

I'm also missing Montefusco, Brett, Garr, Manning, Bostock, Cey, Rose, Garland, LeFlore, Fidrych, Lezcano, Winfield, Koosman, Johnstone, McBride, Reitz, Remy, Oliver, Carew, Griffey and Messersmith. 

Luckily I've got most of the star players.

I expect to be adding pictures tomorrow.