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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Finally Something New - Is it Legit?

The summer job still won't end so I've been doing nothing with my cards while I teach, coach and work my summer job on Sundays.  It is getting easier at least.

I bought this item because I loved the look of it and the player selection.  For those who know more about uncut sheets, maybe you can let me know if this is a real proof from the 1979 Kellogg's set.

Other sheets that I have seen from Kellogg's have the cards in a specific number sequence.  The backs are blank but a quick look at what numbers these players are reveals that the order is different than usual.

If this were an early proof, why would the players on the left be printed twice in a row?

In the printing process, what is the order of printing the different colors?  Is that why the back is blank since the color black has yet to be applied?

Here is a normal 1979 Kellogg's card for comparison purposes.

Missing from the sheet - the borders, the facsimile autograph, the position(s) and the 3-D SUPER STARS text.

I am trying to find other items from the production process.  Please let me know what you've got.