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Friday, October 11, 2019

Unopened Kellogg's Card Lots

I've been so busy that I forgot that I picked up a small lot of unopened Kellogg's cards recently.  All were 1978s, one of the few sets that I have completed.  That's okay since I am always going to buy cheap lots when I can.

The only star in the lot is Don Sutton, the last card in the set.  That helps because the first and last unopened packs in a set seem to suffer the same fate that they would if the cards were opened - the wrappers get abused from the handling and/or exposure to air and/or light.

I have not gotten any closer to completing any of my unopened sets.  Maybe I can make it to the Rosemont show in November.

Does anyone ever see unopened Kellogg's card lots at card shows?

My additional job meant that I made it to no flea markets this year and very few card shows.  I hope that changes a bit next year even though I plan to keep all of my jobs - teaching, coaching and working on a golf course

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Does anyone pay attention the PSA's Sports Market Report's price guide?  Do those prices reflect what is happening?

PSA SMR 1972 Kellogg's

Above is a link to the 1972 Kellogg's set price guide. 

I don't really collect graded cards, but I am interested in following trends in card grading and their prices.