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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Don't Buy These Kellogg's Items at the National

Why?  These are the things that I hope to pick up.

1.  Any promo card from 1970 that features a player not included in the set.  Does anyone know of any players that fit this description other than Rusty Staub?

2.  Japanese Kellogg's cards from the 2000's. 

3.  Unopened five-card packs from 1970. 

4.  Single-card packs from any year.

5.  Full cereal boxes with the ads on the back.  Every time I ate cereal I would read the back of those boxes, even if I had just read it every day that week already. 

6.  Any advertising items for the cards. 

7.  Anything that I don't know exists. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Off to the National?

Is anyone going to the National in Cleveland?  I've enjoyed it both times I've gone there.  I'm not sure when I will be going, but it will be just one day.  It's an easy trip since I can get there in just over five hours.

I will by looking for anything Kellogg's related, especially advertising and other unique items.  I certainly would like to find some unopened packs, but that is not likely.

One company has been selling lots of Kellogg's cards online recently.  I wonder if that will trickle over to the show.  I will also be asking around to learn more about this recent Kellogg's activity on ebay. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I Forgot That There Were Pages for Kellogg's Cards

Sure, these pages are for T206s, but I do like them for Kellogg's cards, at least the skinny years.

The father of one of my runners got this photo for me.  The team makes lots of comments when I tell them that I have two blogs and neither is about running.  This is the first time I've gotten a photo from someone outside of the collecting community.

The photo also made me realize that I have a few of these plastic pages.  Why?  In the 1970s I ended up getting a few dozen T206 and other assorted pre-WWII cards.  I will have to see how Kellogg's cards look in those pages for each year.

Maybe I will even buy some of these pages at the National.  Thanks to the dad for the photo below which reminded me of a better way to display my cards.  I guess I should have been a bit nicer to his daughter today when she threw up "about five days worth of food" as someone called it.

Since I don't have all variations, I guess I should ask for a photo of the card backs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

But The Front of This Card Looks So Good

I've seen this problem on a lots of 1971 Kellogg's cards - football and baseball.  I've also been frustrated by this with 1972 Kellogg's baseball cards.  What is the problem?

These cards look good on the front and the border looks fine  The backs chip like 1971 Topps card borders.  Ugh.  Do other years show these same problems?

Friday, July 13, 2018

PSA Grading of Stop-N-Go Football Cards

I never saw these cards anywhere before ebay since they were produced in a different part of the country from where I've lived.

There are two sets - 1979 and 1980.

The 1979 set had 18 cards including Walter Payton and Roger Staubach.  PSA has only graded 865 cards from this set and there have been only 98 graded as 10s.  Payton (147) and Staubach(107) lead the way in the number of submissions.  Franco has is next with 74 submissions.

Of the 10s, on six for Payton, 25 for Staubach and 12 for Harris.  None of the others are in double digits.  None of the 64 graded Gregg Bingham's are 10s; he is card #1.  One Robert Newhouse is a 10 and a few others have only two 10s including Lyle Alzado and Jack Ham.

The 1980 set was expanded to 48 cards but only 1,157 cards have been graded by PSA with 316 being 10s.  Cards graded most frequently are - Franco Harris (52), Mel Blount (50), Joe Greene, spelled Green on the front (48), Bob Griese (44), Jack Ham (44), and Henry Childs (41). 

How does Childs fit in with the group above?  Somehow Childs has 20 cards graded as 10s.  Only one Herb Scott and one Jay Saldi got grades of 10.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 10

Here comes the last player card from the 1991 Kellogg's Leyendas set.  This time it's Manny Sanguillen who has his share of Kellogg's cards.  

His career is well documented on the card - solid hitter, good arm, good baserunner, All-Star and World Series star.  

Not on the card - I was surprised that compared his career as most similar to Thurman Munson.  

He only struck out once in every 15 at-bats.  He walked even less - 1 in every 21.7 at-bats.  I thought back to guys who swung at everything or do that now.  Shawon Dunston walked once in every 29.2 at-bats and Javier Baez already only walks once per 19.5 at-bats.  Dunston struck out once every 5.9 at-bats and Baez is currently whiffing once 3.5 every at-bats.

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Checklist Card

If I opened a box of cereal hoping for Roberto Clemente I'd certainly be less than happy if I got Manny Sanguillen.  It would be way worse if I got the checklist card.  Was it issued in the packs?  I don't know these things I just write a few comments most days to keep my sanity.

I'd like to see an unopened box of Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops that had one of these cards inside.  Has anyone seen one of these?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Flea Market Failure Was Better Than Today's....

... car failure.  Add a four-mile walk and cutting the grass after work and I'm not ready to post anything today. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Flea Market Failure

The weather and my schedule finally cooperated allowing my first visit to a flea market this year.  I heard numerous sellers talking to others about how few weekends they'd been able to set up this year. 

It was almost like an antique show - there was lots of old stuff to check out.  I rarely have seen Starting Lineups at this flea market.  Today at least 10 dealers had more than a box full of them.  I bought a Jim Everett for $1. 

There were lots of junk wax sets and miscellaneous 800-count boxes  Some were as cheap as $5 per box.  I didn't see any that I needed to have and carry around with me. 

There were Wacky Packages, older cards, many dealers with beer can collections or comic books and a few dealers with older cards.  Most had high prices of no prices listed.  It did remind me that I would like to get the Wacky Packages.  My mom didn't throw away my cards, but the stickers didn't survive.  My fault on that since I didn't keep them in the closet with my cards. 

Kellogg's cards - I saw none.  I spent $1 total.   I hope that doesn't happen when I go to the National.   

Thursday, July 5, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 9

Back for our ninth card from the 1991 Kellogg's Leyendas set - Rod Carew. 

With a quick glance that looks like an Orioles uniform above.  

His birth location is mentioned in Spanish as Panama but in English it just calls it Canal Zone. mentions the country as Panama which is what I expected.

I didn't realize that he hit .300 or better for 15 consecutive seasons.  He stole home seven times in one season and he was MVP and Rookie of the Year during his career.

Not on the card - he hit under .300 during his first two seasons and his last two seasons.  He won seven batting titles.  He stole 353 bases in his career with his highest total of 49 in 1976.

He only played in more than 150 games in four seasons.  That kept his career total hits counts down a bit - still 3,053 of them. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Latest PSA Totals for Kellogg's Baseball and Football Cards

Here are the lastest PSA totals for 9s, 10s and all graded Kellogg's cards.

Year Date 9 10 Total Misc
1970 7/3/18          17,297          4,893          30,750
1971 7/3/18            4,668          1,041          11,839
1972 7/3/18            7,014          1,703          10,646
1972 7/3/18            3,558          1,076            6,333 ATG
1973 7/3/18            6,239          4,266          11,905
1974 7/3/18            5,063          3,495          10,224
1975 7/3/18            2,588          1,030            5,078
1976 7/3/18            3,942          3,579            8,598
1977 7/3/18            1,852             998            3,603
1978 7/3/18            1,841             740            3,385
1979 7/3/18            1,440             439            2,822
1980 7/3/18            2,310          1,568            4,711
1981 7/3/18            2,351          1,225            5,147
1982 7/3/18            3,250          2,585            6,645
1983 7/3/18            1,171          1,036            2,615
1970 7/3/18            9,818          3,286          18,197 FB
1971 7/3/18            2,063             568            4,316 FB

I've tracked these numbers in February, March, April and now July.  Here is what I've found.

In seven weeks from February to April 328 cards were added to these counts.  That's about 47 per week.

In 12 weeks from April until early July 1,444 cards were added - over 120 per week.

What years saw big increases?  1970 saw an increase of 335 cards (23.2% of the total increase), 1970 FB added 225 cards (15.6%), 1971 added 160 (11.1%), 1973 added 103 (7.1%) and 1981 added 100 (6.9%).

That all seems okay until looking at the changes in 9s and 10s graded.  Of the 1,444 cards added during this time 76% of them are 9s or 10s.  People submitting these certainly know what they are doing and can evaluate cards quite well. 

What does this mean?  Does anyone know how to determine who submitted these cards.  I think I have an idea as to how this jump has occurred.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 8

Orlando Cepeda was an excellent choice for inclusion in the 1991 Kellogg's Leyendas set.  Good to have another Hall of Famer in the set.

Rookie of the Year, MVP and seven-time all-star.  That's a nice way to start the write-up.  He helped the Cardinals to pennants in 1967 and 1968.  The Cardinals won the World Series in 1967.

379 homers is certainly nice.  He topped 100 RBIs five times.  

Monday, July 2, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 7

Today's Kellogg's Leyendas card features a player who I would have never guessed would be included in this set.  Why?  I don't remember ever hearing him speak and his name certainly made me think he might be from the USA.  I didn't get cable TV until 1987, so sports news was limited to local teams and championships.   Ed Figueroa didn't fit those descriptions too frequently.

He pitched in the post-season from 1976 - 1978 with the Yankees.  His record was 0-4 in seven starts.

Another AL-only player, I saw him play a lot less than I saw NL guys.  So, I was surprised on the card to see his career record of 80-67.  He did that in only eight years including one 20-win season.

He was the Yankees winningest pitcher from 1976 - 1978 and he was the first Puerto Rican pitcher to win 20 games in a season.  His MLB career was shortened due to elbow surgery though he did pitch in Mexico after recovering.

Not on the card - he pitched in the minors from 1966 - 1975 and from 1981 - 1982.  He spent time with the US Marines in Vietnam.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 6

Back for another 1991 Kellogg's Leyendas baseball card back.  I spent more time trying to decide when to go to the National this year, but I haven't figured that out yet.  I am likely only going for one day so that rules out Wednesday since it isn't enough time.  Sunday doesn't work this year either.

Back to Rico Carty.  He

I don't remember most of his career with the Braves.  During the 1970s he seemed like a guy who I could never keep track of his current team.  Here is what I found - 1963 - 72 Braves, 1973 - Cubs, Rangers, A's, 1974 - 77 Indians, 1978 - A's, Blue Jays, 1979 Blue Jays.  So, my memories were somewhat correct.  Back to the card back now.

He hit .300 in eight of his 15 seasons.  

Not on the card - his career average was .299.  He needed two more hits in all of those ABs to have a .300 career average.  He won a batting title in 1970 and started on the All-Star team.

Not on the card - he was an all-star starter without even being on the ballot.  Write-in votes got him the spot.

He missed the 1968 due to tuberculosis.  He also had seven shoulder separations. 

Not on the card - his only post-season appearances were in 1969 against the Mets.  He was 3-for-10 with three walks in three games.