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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Are Card Shows Back?

There allegedly was a card show in suburban Chicago last weekend.  Did it happen?  Did anyone attend it?  How did it differ from shows in the winter?

Sadly, I was near the show, but I was working.

1978 Eddie Murray Discussion

I found some of these comments about Eddie Murray's 1978 cards worth thinking about.

What do you think about this?

Monday, July 20, 2020

I Finally FInished a Kellogg's Set

It has been a long time since I finished a Kellogg's set.  This was a small set.

Takashi Saito was the last card I needed for the 2008 set from Japan.  I have the cards in the original wrappers.  I have extras of some of the cards if anyone would like to trade.  My list of needs from the Japanese sets are shown on the right side of the blog.  I have not been able to find cards that have been taken from the wrappers. 

Saito was the only player in the set that I knew nothing about.  He played seven years in the majors (2006 - 2012) and was an all-star.  He recorded 84 saves along with 21 wins.

He began pitching in Japan in 1992 and didn't stop until after the 2015 season when he was 45 years old.