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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

1980 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #07 - 09

COVID really impacted my free time.  Last year I just ended up working way too much.  During the school year that just ended the same thing happened since I taught half of the kids in-person while the other half was remote - every period of every day.  I hope to not do that again - ever!

I didn't get to finish looking at the 1980 Kellogg's baseball card backs.  It seems like I struggle to read the small print more each time.  I don't think that this will help the 1980 set when I list my favorite Kellogg's sets.

Back to the countdown --

#09 - George Brett

These are the same poorly-done scans that I did a long time ago when I started looking at these backs.  I will add all of the good comments instead of getting a better scan.

Brett finished second in the AL in batting with a .329 average.  He led the league with 20 triples.  

Not on the card (of course) - only Willie Wilson, Lance Johnson and Curtis Granderson surpassed that total since 1979.   

Though not considered a "speed merchant" he stole 17 bases. 

Not on the card - he finished his career with 201 stolen bases.  

#08 - Steve Rogers

Hobbies - coins, stamps and arrowheads.  I don't remember seeing anything like that before.  Sounds like a guy who would also collect cards and memorabilia from his playing days.  

Through 1979 he had the most wins for an Expo pitcher - 86.  He graduated with a petroleum engineering degree from Tulsa.  

Not on the card - he played his entire career in Montreal and finished with a record of 158 - 152 for a team that had a winning record on only six of his 13 seasons.  

Different era - he had 129 career complete games.  

#07 - Jeff Newman

Not a nice start by Kellogg's with the bio - "though still not a high average hitter...".  He was a .229 hitter at this point in his career.

Not on the card - after nine years he ended up with a .224 batting average.  

His 22 homers were a team high.  

Not on the card - he finished with 63 career homers.  

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sports Collectors Daily Writes About Kellogg's Cards Again

 Another nice article from Sports Collectors Daily.  This time it is 1976 Kellogg's.

This is one of my favorite sets, in part because I was collecting it as a Little League kid.  Over the years I've noticed that this set is likely to have borders that fade to a yellowish tint.  They look great with the white borders, and not so nice when yellowed.