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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, July 17, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #28 - 30

Back for more.  Photos will need to wait until tomorrow.

#30 - Rod Carew

He is mentioned as one of the few career .300 hitters in the majors.  He appeared in a career-high 149 games.  I would have never guessed that.

Not on the card - he played over 150 games four times in his career after 1973.  I was surprised to see how many games he missed or rested in his career.  As a result of these numbers he reached 200 hits only four times in 19 years which isn't many for a guy with a .328 career average.

Not a power hitter, in 1972 he became the first AL batting champ to have no homers.   He "slugged" six homers in 1973 and he later hit 14 homers in two different seasons.

He stole 41 bases in 1973.  He ended up with 353 in his career.

#29 - John Mayberry

Houston wasn't patient enough with him and the Royals benefitted from that.  He hit 25 homers and had 100 RBIs in his first full season.  He followed that with a season of 26-100.

Not on the card - he reached 100 RBIs only one more time in his career but he reached 30 homers twice.

He went to the same Detroit high school as Willie Horton, Alex Johnson and Ron Johnson (NFL).

Not on the card - all three can be found on Kellogg's cards.

#28 - Johnny Bench

Bench's hobbies include bowling and singing.  I think I've seen video of him doing each of these things.  He had lung surgery after the 1972 season.

He has a career of "peaks and valleys" as Kellogg's put it.  His 1973 season was seen as a valley after MVP seasons in 1970 and 1972.  His off year had the following results - 25 homers and 104 RBIs.  Not bad when considering how recovery was from surgery back in 1972.

Not on the card - he had 33 HR and 129 RBIs in 1974 so Kellogg's wasn't far off in their prediction.  Steve Garvey (10), Lou Brock (5) and Mike Marshall (1) finished ahead of Bench in the MVP voting.

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